Pope wants weapons ban


Pope wants to ban all weapons what do YOU have to say?


Will his security be laying down their arms first as a sign of good will?


Oh im sure and the EU and nato as well!!
How dumb do they think we are!
My cold very dead hand!


All these people want US to give up our weapons for the betterment of mankind. We just need to do it first. Ahh, no. If you want us to take this action, how about you lead by example. If you’re not willing to do that, than keep your mouth shut.


The only thing that stands between absolute tyranny and the entire world is
mercins with uns and swiss with guns
Can they have them NO!:kissing_heart:


Deep string bass notes in a desculating scale, wow man thats feloneous monk kinda deep​:dart::dart::dart:


I’m inclined to agree Robert.


I’m probably going to hell for saying this but I say FUCK THE POPE! I was born and raised Catholic & my mother would beat me with her lacquered wooden spoon if she heard me say that, but the anti gunners worldwide can kiss my white ass! Keeping my guns, they’re welcome to the lead!!!:japanese_ogre:


Not to go off my own topic but… Can you imagine the hell god has in store for this wicked creature? Deep doodoo .


Hey soap on a rope went well in the 70’s maybe pope on a rope for 2018​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Ahhhh, Black Sabbath… thanks for reminding me how fuc@#ng old I am Robert!:sob:


Pope lives behind a 40 ft wall and is protected by the Swiss Guard.

Pope lives in an alternate reality.


I agree… this one is a douche! He needs to STFU. We have a constitutional RIGHT!. Go ahead, toss out the constitution. See how that works out…


I have read the (King James) Bible a couple of times and never saw anywhere in it where the people were required to give up their weapons of defense for religious purposes. So, what gives?



Thanks for your feedback and advice. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Apocrypha so I don’t know what it/they say(s).

Have you read the Apocrypha? Does it mention anywhere about individuals having to give up their weapons for any reason?

And, I agree, would like to include what the Apocrypha say(s) when referencing what the Bible says.



200 ft wall on outside?im reminded of sierra madre “give us your guns well let you go”
Yeah right



So, the Latin phrase you quoted, meaning “all in 3 is perfect” - your point being?

(Interesting concept, by the way.)



Ok. Thanks for the clarifying response.

Personally, I prefer to get as rounded a view of the Bible as I can. Adding the Apocrypha just makes sense to me.

So, the original KJV - it had the Apocrypha included?


NO one living on this Earth has the right to tell you or force you to give up you’re Right to self preservation…Every Human has the Right to protect the life they have. Those that want to take that from you are not following any God but the Anti-Christ…The movement to ban guns is purely a control move by the powers that be. I will never be a Slave to those powers…neither should you. It may not be in my lifetime, but a fight is coming…


Thanks, Robert. I will see what I can find. Will look on the internet, first.