Portable Shooting tripod?

Hello all,

I just got back from the range, and a thought occured to me. The range provides small sand bags to its shooters, but sometimes there aren’t enough to go around. Then it becomes a matter of first time, first served. And if they are out, you need to rely on anything you brought with you. Including rests/sandbags. So, being a tech guy, my first thought goes to a camera tri-pod. And it occured to me, to ask those who know more about guns then I do, do they make shooting tri-pods for when your sitting at a table? And the same question for when your standing at an indoor range.

Edit: The reason why I’m not attaching a bi-pod, or another device, is I live in NY. I can’t really have any attachments on my rifle. I can have a removable magazine + one other item. And I like using scopes. Its just a preference I have.

If you know of any table-top tri-pods with screw mounts, I’ve found a Y head that should work for me. I just need a tripod (that you can use while sitting at a table) for it.


I’ve seen pictures of guns mounted on tripods. But unsure if that’s a modified camera tripod.

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Why not just a bipod?




Usually for standing there are single leg supports, and there are many bench rests out there.

The range I go to rents similar to these:

Problem is that people started stealing them so the range now holds onto your ID while you are renting.


something like that could work for me. Thanks!

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I always take my own equipment to the range, I would never depend on anything being there especially Target stands when they are busy! I have a $9- 3 section camera tripod I used to use all the time for shooting and still do on occasion . I have a “v” attachment that screws right into the top that I got in a cheap kit.



Definitely not perfect for precision shooting, but definitely better than nothing! I use this a lot in my blind for further shots swivels nicely and tall enough to see out the windows of the blind I also used to use it with a chair for groundhog hunting as well until I bought the Caldwell Deadshot tripod. Very inexpensive and more than adequate. Use to lug 50lb of sandbags to the range lol


Thats what I was thinking about yea, just something for the table. The range I go-to doesn’t allow you to stand while firing. If you get up, you have to put your rifle in the rack.

Regarding why I don’t put a bi-pod on my rifle, i live in NY. And…I like using sights on my rifle. NY laws don’t allow for a semi-auto rifle to have a removable magazine + more then 1 other accessory. And…I like using scopes on my rifles. its just a preference I have.


Makes perfect sense.

I had no idea these even existed (by why am I not surprised lol). A picatinny rail adapter for standard camera tripod mount:


Nice. I have the exact opposite of that. Mounts on my Pic rail and I can mount a camera. Like putting my GoPro on it.


Matt, thank you for posting your original question. Now that it’s turned cold here in Nebraska, I went to a new, local indoor range on Friday. It’s been awhile since I have been inside and though I love the new range, I was only able to shoot standing up and with no support. I started thinking about this thread.

Then I went shopping :slight_smile:

And this is what I came up with. I am very much happy with the quality of both the rest and the tripod. The rest itself is cushioned and well built. When the gun is cradled, it feels very much like a typical bag on a bench set up. The tripod itself is really cool though. First, it folds up small enough that it will fit in the gun case just under the rifle barrel. It has a few ways you can set the legs, for instance, a wide pattern for stability:

Or a more traditional stance for tighter areas:

It can even be converted to a monopod in seconds lol…

It even came with a cool, digital camo patterned carrying case :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to trying it out this week-end. I am hoping my shot groups tighten up quite a bit lol


nice! Can ask what shooting rest that is? I couldn’t make out the manufacturer mark on the bag.

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Sure! I should have put that info in my reply.

Both items were from Amazon. The rest is:

The tripod is: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M4MBB5V/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

All together, I got right at $70 into it. But, I did spend more on the tripod than needed other than I wanted something that was really compact when transporting.

Thank you again for the idea!

One last post on this. I figured out how to remove all the tilt, pan and swivel stuff and now it’s a lot more compact and lighter. I’m liking this thing, may have to take a long lunch break tomorrow :slight_smile:

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wow, that does look better. can I ask who makes that tripod? it looks like a camera pod I looked at earlier, but the max weight on the store page was like 3 pounds.

Sure, the Company name is Glide Gear, located in Myrtle Beach, SC. The weight capacity is 33 lbs. The quality and workmanship is outstanding and when “deployed”, it’s very rigid and stable. My only concern now is the height and how it will work out at the range. At my desk, The collapsed height is fine when sitting in my chair and the full extended height also looks good for when standing. But, I am thinking the range bench is taller than my desk. It will still work when standing (which is the only position I’ll be using) but it may be a bit too tall to use when sitting. Of course, plain ol’ bench bag rests would work in that case.

The only disappointment so far is that I was real happy with the bag rest, it’s really well made, looks good and works perfect for the application…but last night, I found the infamous “Made in China” tag under the straps.

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Awesome! I’d be interested in hearing how well it performs while at the range.

Thanks for the feedback!


I have a homemade rig that I made from an old camera tripod. Nothing fancy, but it does the job. The “V” is made out of wood and prolly wont last long, but I work in a cabinet shop and have access to all the free wood I can get :smiley: