Possibility of A Premium Subscription?


Big fan of FULL30 and all the content on here. I appreciate the fact that all the sponsors/advertisers are relevant tot he content on this platform and many are products/brands I’m genuinely interested in, that being said it does get tiresome viewing the same ads several times in a row. Would there be a possibility of a premium subscription in the future that could disable the pre-roll ads? Perhaps add a few other small perks and whatnot as well, I’m sure your marketing guys can come up with a great name for it too!


Thank you for the feedback! We are considering a premium account option for an ad free experience on Full30. In the meantime, thank you for putting up with all the ads as they do keep Full30 running at this point.


I definitely agree with this model as well. It is the model YouTube is trying, desperately hard, to move to because it is successful for Hulu and Netflix. All the while YouTube is still hemorrhaging money.

I think a subscription could help give an infusion of money at a steady stream. It gives you some revenue to make changes and a little less stress over where advertising is going to come from.

To be honest, from a software dev perspective, the MVP, minimum viable product, should just be a monthly subscription for $8 a month with no perks. Not even no ads. It gets it going and you get some money. I would pay it. Then as you have some money rolling in in a couple of months turn on the no-ads for subscriber features. If not enough people subscribe in general then you don’t have to invest much dev time in adding the feature for no-ads.

Just a couple of thoughts. I have long been a fan of starting to take full communities off of YouTube as it is too big in general.

Keep up the great work.