Post shtf: Conceal vs open carry


Say there is little to no government anymore and things have fallen back to the way things were in the 1800’s. How would you carry on a daily basis after shtf?

  • Open carry -I want people to know I mean buisness
  • Conceal carry- I dont want to show my cards.
  • Dont plan on carrying

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I voted open because I didn’t have an option that I totally agree with. I simply carry. The gun is on my side. If someone sees it, I don’t care. If it’s under my shirt or coat, I don’t care. If I’m printing, I don’t care. I simply carry.


Thats pretty much what I meant by open carry, basically you dont give a shit about who might see it. The Concealed option means you want it hidden at all cost. I shouldve worded it better.


While I chose to conceal, that really just means a small wheelgun or auto loader in my pocket. I’ll likely have a rifle slung over my shoulder open so it is sort of a moot point I suppose.


You can ditch a rifle or carry it around in a bag …or guitar case. I like more of a greyman approach to things.


Ar15s breakdown small enough to fit in a backpack and a 1911 might fit in a big fanny pack.


Find me a guitar case to carry this around:

The wife gets the AR.


Far too many see open carry as an AR15 on your back. Thanks media. Right now I have an OWB holster which makes me open carry. In Wisconsin if I have an IWB holster in the same exact spot and can see exactly the same amount of firearm, it’s legally considered concealed. Even if your shirt is tucked in.


I usually conceal, I like having the "element of surprise " I do open carry too.


If it’s winter, I’m carrying OWB under a coat. if it’s summer, IWB with a t-shirt tucked under, but with a light long-sleeve over it.


In a grid down type of scenario open carrying an AR15 might make more sense than it does right this second.


IMO, I see little reason to carry an AR15 outside of 2A marches or other political statements. With that said, I would never tell a person to not carry one if they choose.


BECAUSE IT’S AN EVIL BLACK RIFLE??? HAW HAW HAW!!! I must be butter, because I’m on a roll. ba dum ching!


I don’t know about you guys, but if I’m pulling an AR, that puppy is slung front side across body.


If youre patrolling your property or helping the local town patrol etc ,I could see someone wanting to carry a rifle.

If my AR15 is not black then its not evil, right? Seems racist.


Duh, reading comprehension! I misread the title, post SHTF, IM GONNA BE THE FUCKIN TERMINATOR! I’ll have an ar15 or equivalent in each hand, & pistols strapped to leg & tac vest. Mad Max shit baby!!!


Post-SHTF I’m open for sure with both an AR and a pistol or two. I only carry concealed now cuz… well, California, and I don’t need all the LE interactions.
But P-SHTF it’s not like I’m going to the mall or a restaurant. If I’m out and about there’s a reason.




I never intentionally let anybody know I am carrying. I do carry some places that have a sign not to but oh well. like the mall.


I didn’t read it as hide at all cost, I was thinking IWB or OWB under a slightly long shirt.