Post shtf: Conceal vs open carry


Same as I do now (CC), but a lot more loaded mags.


shtf - outside carry
one - to broadcast
two - why bury my sidearm under layers of cloths or vest or pack or , you get the point
three - to broadcast
man is a visual creature and by showing / demonstrating dominance you will be left alone.


This also leads to you being a target as well though. If you’re scouting for or initiating an attack in this SHTF scenario to get someone’s gear and or resources you would instinctively take out those who you feel would be a resistance first. Open carrying leads yourself to this in my opinion. Just a thought.


Mister_Torgue, your comment has value and merit common sense would dictate there will be a time and place for open carry in the type of situation this thread is suggesting.


If a group or individual is predator then you are a target no matter what, so the question is, do you wish to be identified as an easy target?


While I do agree it works both ways I will always err on the side of a surprise attack and or a silent advantage.


Try to leave me a note so when they are gone

I can read how it went for you before I come across them


Are they going to follow the comic book we’re Rick and Negan become allies ?


I’m sure, can’t have the show without Negan


That is what Carl wanted to have happened in the comic book Negan stays locked up for quite a while.


Best Zombie soap operaapocalypse ever


I agree Negan character is one of the better ones!


Then be sure and watch


hmmm as Robert said - if they were willing to take you armed then by not displaying they would be more than willing to take you CCW.
most violent encounters would be you being surprised or jumped by an opposing opponent.
Most predators will attack if they have a high degree of success with the minimal chance of injury (and this includes most Humans). For a good example, in place I worked grizzlies have learnt when trying to take down musk ox is to stampede the herd to seperate the young from the mature, Than they go sit someplace obvious and wait for the calf to come to them. They have learnt that because the musk have a strong herd instinct and have bad eye sight that the calves will seek the next big calm thing for protection. The grizzly knows it doesn’t stand a chance with a adult musk ox but when dinner will deliver it self yum yum.




There was a zombie show a few years ago that was made to look like MTV’s “Big Brother”. The people in the house basically watch the outside world crumble and try to survive while remaining in the house.


MTV’s “Big Brother” meets zombie apocalypse. The idiots basically watch the outside world crumble and try to survive while remaining in the house. Its actually a pretty good show ,I found myself rooting for the zombies alot. Its close to as good as TWD though, with alot better pace.
The episodes are on youtube still.




I agree. It would be difficult to conceal anyway since it could conceivably be a long gun. A sidearm would only be a backup.

We recently had a cop killer loose “on the hill” and while other neighbors carried handguns I was seen doing chores with a slung bullpup rifle.