Post shtf: Conceal vs open carry


I was hoping that story had a picture of you doing just that… then I remembered that the media would never show such a horrible thing.


I did have my 5 seconds of national media fame. ABC had me saying," I think we’re more dangerous to him than he is to us.". The moment the hill knew what was going on we all locked and loaded. We are all gun people.

One local station did take pictures of me with the rifle (They asked me to get it since I left it inside; I recognized the reporters and didn’t want to even come close to brandishing) but that wasn’t used.

No doubt that LE has pix. As my neighbors and I were gathered around talking one day the chopper was hovering where they could see us for maybe 20 minutes. The gun was plainly visible.

During that time we had a tac’ squad, K9 unit, and armored vehicle on our land. I had them clear my shop building since I forgot to lock it that night. He definitely had been on my land since I rig the guinea fowl coop a certain way every night. It was NOT that way in the morning when I went to let them out for the day. I suspect he tried to get in, but GFs are the bird realms answer to watchdogs and I bet they knew it wasn’t me. They get very loud and when really upset they fly and have very loose bowels :smiley: . I don’t think the cop killer got that far. They found his wallet in the back 40.

I did learn something valuable during that… even an AR carbine (suppressed) is too long for doing chores, hence the bullpup. I’ve been concentrating on a PCC SBR since. I intend to use it for USPSA comp’ so it can’t be an arm braced handgun. Otherwise they’d be arm braced to save $.

I compete with a handgun and I’m no slouch, but when a gun is really needed it’s just a way to fight my way to rifle. A PCC SBR is a short sort of a rifle. Less capable than a rifle but more capable than a handgun and far handier than a rifle, even a bullpup. No solution is perfect or works for everyone.


I hope everyone reads this! I’ve done some room clearing and I can tell you this is right. That M4 seems as long as an M16A2 when you’re trying to tighten up or move around a corner.

That was quite the scenario you went through. I’m glad you and yours are ok. You’ve been through one of everyone’s ‘what ifs’. Good lessons learned!


I voted open carry, not because I want to be intimidating, but because it’s faster to bring into action than the other choices.
Just like the 1800s.


^ This. I ran some tests in the house with room clearing with my AR recently and it felt like I was a bit clumbsy with the length–especially up the stairway that has two 90 degree turns. I ran the same test with my Hi-Point PCC with the new bullpup stock I just got and it was night and day vs the AR. I think I’m going to get the 10mm Hi-Point carbine once I’m able to buy guns again (a while after wife gives birth) and the bullpup stock for it as well for home defense to go with my handgun.

But I’m off topic. :wink:


Ive taken a couple cqc courses (geared towards us civies) it is kind of akward but manageable depending on the the place your maneuvering through. The classes I took emphasized switching to your pistol when needed. My biggest complaint is the terminal ballistics of 5.56 out of an sbr.


why worry, your engagement distance is short range and as long as you can put lead in to the centre of visible mass everything will work out when the rifle goes bang.


This is what I believe. All it takes is a determined piece of the projectile, jacket or other pieces of the cartridge (or bone fragments from impact) to sever an artery, puncture the heart or fatally damage a vital organ. As long as the round can go through the rack of ribs / sternum you’re good. :cowboy_hat_face: But over penetration would be my concern at CQB distance with a 5.56/.223 if they aren’t wearing body armor.


Again only worry about over penetration if you miss regardless of body armour or not. Your potentional chance of striking an innocent is very slim unless you have put yourself in a situation where the bad guy is between you and others you are ptotecting. Most people will be seeking cover when the stick goes bang and the moment you worry about over penetration is the moment you hesitate and die.


I’m not so much worried about hitting someone else (slim chance) as I am about the round leaving the house and hitting someone’s property or worse–going through their window. Around here locally LE really doesn’t like that and you will be in for a bad day if that happens. And if happens to leave your house and enter another house even if you don’t hit an living thing you will be prosecuted.


All bullets once they have left the barrel will over pentrate regardless of calibre (and this includes most shotguns). Most houses do not provide a very efficent means of stopping projectiles from penetratng unless it is of a more solid construction (brick, concrete etc). And if you are worried about the damaged caused by your concious and legal effort to protect yourself than there is always 911.
Pretty well everything fired will go through 10 or more sheets of drywall (and this includes the frangible types) but that distance was substantial 1/4 when fired through a analog.
There will always be yah - buts but you be the judge.


I’m not worried enough not to use my firearm trust me. :sunglasses: 911 has a response time to get emergency services / LE to our neighborhood of over 19 minutes. No thanks. Having said that, it is still a concern but not one that impacts my decision making. :+1:

Slightly off topic again, Watching some of Paul Harrell’s videos of the meat target gives me a basic idea about what to expect with penetration. This is one reason why I choose 9mm for my personal desired home defense round after seeing the performance on the meat target and its penetration abilities from al the rounds he’s used over the years on the meat target. If they get past me my wife as backup will use either the AR or Ithaca M37 to resolve the situation.


might be a good video to watch


No fragmentation or expansion means it has an ice pick effect, ive never had to shoot a person but that seems less than ideal.