Posting Vids on Full30?



A while back, Full30 stated that they were opening up to the public. Additionally, I had a couple customers suggest that I might be interested.

When I came here today to post some of my Mosin-Nagant “How-To” vids to the site, I was unable to find an upload button.

Did Full30 ever go public, and if so, how does one post vids? I’ve been a viewing member since 2016, but have been largely inactive because of the lack of ability to upload compared to YouTube and Gunstreamer.


Josh Smith


It’s my understanding they opened up requests to the public. Many of use submitted a request and are now waiting. It takes a long time and a lot of money to build up a system from the ground up. With that said, it would be nice to have an update, anything at all. But so far, nothing. I’ve tried to contact them a few times.


I need to get my channel name changed that I submitted for so I hope they are nearing a full public release soon so I can ask when they aren’t as busy.


I kind of hope they don’t go full public release, I really don’t want to see endless channels of kids playing roblocks. Good lord, youpuke is filled with those.


Do you think that is there plan? I was under the impression it would just be firearm related content. All the other cat videos and shit can stay on YouTube.


I hope it remains firearms related. We don’t need cats, or roblocks, or GTA, or CoD. Gamers have dozens of sites for that like twitch. YT can rot away with cat videos and over done game play.


Thank you, Gents.



No problem at all. We’re here to help