PPS 43 Semi Auto


Oh the PPS 43… even in the semi auto variant you’re fun to shoot. I love the 7.62x25 Tokarev. I like this little guy so much I was thinking of turning it into an SBR. Is it worth the tax stamp?



Did you build this?


@Robert No with my lack of machining skills I don’t think I could. The Sten is the most complicated one I’ve done besides my AR15 LEGO play sets.

This one actually came up for trade on Armslist. I gave up some Enfield No 4 MK 1 parts, an AR receiver, and a bayonet for it. Basically just cleaned out a junk drawer. I came out on top.


If you shoot it/ own it for more than a year I think it would have earned a &200.00 tax stamp!


I think you’re right. I just hate paperwork.


Me too, but a sig brace would not do that any justice.


No, the folding stock needs to be operational. To do that, it’s either an SBR stamp or a barrel extension. I say no to lengthening the barrel.


I agree 100% and I also want one.


I don’t like it either but it’s the only way to legally own one.


SBR it, cut barrel down to 8.5 to 10 inches and make the folding stock work again…these come up now and then on Classic Firearms website…


Saw those on Classic. I would get one if the price is right. Anything built from a parts kit usually holds its value depending on popularity, and availability.


I have one of the PPS 43 pistols made by SMG in Texas. The quality is thru the roof, but alas, they don’t make them anymore. I’d love to SBR her, but I can’t find a good tutorial on stock reactivation. I know the paperwork process well, I’ve SBR’d several of my arms, but the technical procedure info is lacking. The stock is welded in place, not pinned.





I’d say most definitely sbr it


I wouldn’t shorten the barrel but I would change it from being a pistol
just nremember how nasty the tok round is coming out of that barrel now.Kind of like buying a v8 car and than replacing it with a v6.


Barrel length will stay the same. I bought a demilled buttstock assembly so when I do the conversion I’ll post up a detailed tutorial. That’ll sure be some time though. Those tax stamps are slow.