Practically of lasers on DC applications, discussion

Want to bring up lasers… many people really like them. I love them with night vision, but that’s about it. I have a few top of the line units… but, I do not run around with them. I do carry weapon lights.
Well a client messaged me last night. He had a run in with a large man who was being aggressive to a smaller woman. Infact the man had knocked the woman to the ground. My client confronts the man… in the dark, on the street of Butte Montana.
The man is very aggressive and starts to approach my client who uses his 1911 with a laser to stop the conversation.
In the dark, the aggressor may not be able to see if my client had a firearm. But boy… having that laser on his chest made no doubt.
Makes me want to reconsider just how much of a deterrent a laser can be if used properly. Thinks to think upon.

While I just snapped this photo in the shop, it has made me think about things all day.
No one wants to have to take another human’s life. But bad things happen.
My client is not able to have a physical confrontation due to health issues. But he was able to stop the assault on the woman, and prevent an attack on himself. Not a shot fired… the laser did the talking.
I do not know if the aggressor could have seen my client even holding a pistol… maybe not. Then I thought, with just a weapon light, would that have stopped it as well?
I am not sure.
Talking with others over the years they have had experiences much the same. Once that laser comes out and is on target… things get real.
For me, I find way to many people become fixated on the laser and stop using proper sighting techniques.


I can see a laser being useful in low light situations and when you can’t use sights in a tight area as in seated in a car or restaurant booth .


Lasers are all but useless during the day or in bright light situations. The junk on the movies is just that. Hahhahah my first laser was a great cat toy.


My wife’s kimber has a laser in the grips. It is easy to use, but I found it distracting and turned it off. I can see people relying on the laser and not taking time to aim properly.


because of hollywood and the infamous red laser people will equate that little (or big) dot as I am about to be shot, probably more so than sticking a gun in their face. A mounted weapon light as a determent might not work simply because the target has to realise there is a gun attached to the flashlight and under certain lighting condition or intensity of said light, the firearm might not be seen.


Lots of dust on this thread, but it’s a good subject.

I was down on lasers for years, but I’ve mellowed on them. At least for HD. But before I get to that, they can be used in bright sun, just not lasers sold in the USA, even the green ones, at least that’s what I find. If one is indoors or in shade OK.

I have a 200mw (or is it 300mw?) green laser on my competition gun. I bought it overseas and had it mailed to me. It is easily visible in direct bright sun. But lasers sold in the USA are limited to 5mw and are pretty anemic in bright sun. My bright unit looks like a flashlight and is fairly large. It’s OK on my PCC, but would be completely out of place on a handgun.

OK, so why have I mellowed regarding them? For HD. On my HD 300BLK AR handgun I have 2 sighting systems. A MRDS on the rail for use when cheeking the gun should ATF rule that arm braces are SBRs. And a TruGlo TruPoint green laser/light for using the handgun tucked under my arm and pulled back. At any distance in my home it’s fast and also allows me to shoot around corners with very little of me showing. I hope to never need to use it that way.

I expect to get another for use on a bullpup shotgun that currently just has a light.


Well, I myself prescribe to the philosophy that a handgun doesn’t come out of its holster unless you intend to fire it. That said, if a laser is all it takes to end a violent confrontation, all the better.


Any time the firearm doesn’t need to be fired into living flesh that’s a plus. (unless you need the meat)

edit: Let me be more specific, needing the meat as in hunting.