Practicing movers at home

If you’ve done USPSA or IDPA, you’ll have seen movers like this.

They often eat people’s lunch.

Engaging moving and quickly disappearing targets is very much a real skill - one that people don’t really get a lot of practice with, even competitors.

Here’s a cool way to practice it at home.

Cheap swinger for at home practice. Great thing to gain experience with and learn how to see your sights and detail on a moving target at the same time.


That’s great stuff. I like that idea.

Maybe even place those targets in various areas in each room as well when doing a sweep yes?


Yup! I can move those targets around, so I change their positions for variety every week.

And I have moveable target stands that I can put anywhere in the house.

Variety in dry fire is key to building skill, avoiding bad habits, and keeping it fun.


Excellent. I need to get more practice in, been neglecting it too much lately.

For me I usually just aim at various things hanging on the walls but with us selling the house my walls are bare. Gotta come up with a solution that doesn’t involve sticking something on the wall. Hmmmm…


I used a target stand, put target sticks in it, then nailed a cross beam on it to create a moveable target frame. I can then hang targets from it and move it wherever I want.

You can see it in the vid creating the no-shoot cover.

Give that a try.


Great idea. Thanks Brian.


Uhm . . . gonna guess that wasn’t the wife’s decor idea. Sort of mid-century terror-cell post-apocalyptic Sarah-Connor drug-house industrial-minimalist style. Could I talk you into a throw pillow and a fern? :crazy_face:


Thanks! I liked it enough to buy one and they also have a Holosun 507C cover… a 2fer.

I use the same targets that Chup’ uses, :smiley: except in my home. Corners of windows and such. This’ll add to the options.


I claimed dibs on the loft. That is my realm. That and my office at least. I get to do what I want with the loft.

She… is in control of the decor of the rest of the house.

It’s the deal we made. The house looks amazing (she did a great job) and I get my dry fire dojo. It’s a win win.


Awesome! I’m glad it caught your interest.

That company seems like a cool group and I’m really enjoying my swinger - I’m sure you will too.