Prayers for the bravest


The guys out west are getting a serious ass kicking. Please keep 'em in your prayers.

Big prayers and respect for our brothers from the East coast
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RIP Brian Hughes :man_firefighter:


Ah yes 10 house right there by World Trade Center. Brings back many memories. I was working for a service company at the time and was 2 mi. away heading into Manhatten that day when the towers were hit. Listening to a rock station as we headed home to our fire house I still remember the station disc jokeys talking to people in the towers on the 86th floor calling in to ask them to tell thier families that they send their love,etc. Wanting the FD to come faster. Hearing on a scanner I had the dispatcher calling again and again “Ladder 24” with of course no answer, they were all dead. What a day.


Never Forget!
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