Preferred caliber for a PCC?


With all the talk about pistol caliber carbines, I’ve been looking to sate my longterm desire for a Kriss Vector. I originally planned on the good ol’ 45, but now I’m looking at a 9mm. Which begs the question, does caliber really matter? Why not going with the biggest and strongest “pistol” caliber available when you have a small “rifle”. What’s the point of keeping it small when all the downsides of a pistol


9mm is what I use. 9mm is easy to get and cheap. The longer barrel increases the muzzle velocity by about 200 fps



With a Binary trigger :crazy_face:


I have a digiTrigger. Now that is fun on binary.


I really like my 9mm PCC. Recoil is nonexistent and 9mm isn’t anything to sneeze at for stopping power. I just ordered a bull pup stock to make it handle even better.

I love .45 ACP and all but I also love 9mm for what it packs in a small package and I can carry more of it at a time. Though that last bit is moot pretty much. Hah.


9mm for practical reasons
45 ACP or 10mm for knockdown power
45 Colt +P for fun. B)


10mm for ultimate badassery. I like it.


I put the Paratrooper stock on this and it becomes my PCC.
A little more ooopmh than the 9 and .45 ones.


Very nice!!


Just have to get this in:
Richard Davis of second chance body armor pretty much proved in his videos that so called knock down power from small arms is just a myth.
He let himself be shot with military rifles and large caliber handguns from close range.
Check the videos out for yourself.
They are still floating around the web and maybe youtube.
Here’s one of his youtube videos including getting shot with a .44 mag at arms length:

He got bruised up some, but at no time did he fall down or even wiggle.


9mm for me. I can double tap for “get the idea?” power, and ammo is readily available in times of trouble if I didn’t have enough stocked up. (not likely)


I love my 9mm PCC.


9mm. I have plenty of it. It’s cheap. There’s great target/training ammo and there’s lots of great hollowpoint ammo for home defense.

Cost. Capacity. Recoil. Almost kinda the same reasons the military uses 5.56 instead of .308.

Also, 9mm hollowpoints are absolutely amazing. I’d much rather have more rounds in my gun than fewer larger rounds in my gun. Obviously to a point, but 9mm is more than capable.


9mm is quite good at personal / home defense. And the +P stuff is amazing. I’ll never understand the hate it gets from the other larger caliber snobs. Everything has a purpose, even some of the smaller calibers.


People love to feel better than other people.

And when people are shit shooters, they gain their feeling of superiority by thinking they are better at shooting than someone else simply because they bought X instead of Y.

Or they do it because they are lazy (and shit) shooters. Thinking things like, “I only need to hit them once because .45acp is so big, so I don’t need to improve my skill.”

It’s all a way to think they aren’t superior because of what they bought instead of what they can do.


Speaking of 9mm. Mr Harrell has another great video out. I wonder if the Extreme Defender would function reliably in my Star BM and PCC.


9mm is where its at


I’n 5-6 months I will say 9mm. I should have the stamp I need to add a stock to my Scorpion.
It will have something attached to the barrel too!


Well, I sold a couple long guns to a buddy and a couple pistols to a shop, so I caved and went for the trade in on a CZ Evo3 pistol. Absolutely fantastic little PCC so far!



I like that!