Pregnant Mom Saves Her Family with an AR-15

This is the story from the mom’s point of view.

You’re in the back bedroom of your home. You’re tired. It is nine at night and your eight months pregnant. Your husband and your 11 year old daughter are in the family room. You hear a crash, shouts, and screams. You get up and look down the hallway to see your husband on the floor. A masked man is beating him. Another man has hold of your daughter and is he kicking your husband. The attacker stops beating your husband and shoots at you.

You step back into the bedroom and grab the loaded rifle you keep there. You peak into the hallway and shoot one of the attackers as he comes toward you. Both attackers run away.

You check on your family and call EMTs.

Your husband is taken to the hospital with a fractured eye socket, a fractured sinus cavity, and a concussion. He required 20 stitches and three staples to close his wounds. Your daughter is unhurt.

Your attackers kicked in your back door. Police found one of your attackers dead in a ditch near the road.

Bless her.
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Yes and the right for us all to defend life and liberty


As I said before, they should have left him to rot in the ditch. The buzzards and coyotes need to eat.