PreOrder PF45 by Polymer80 .45/10MM 80% lower


You can now preorder the Polymer80 PF45 an 80% lower full size Glock 20/21 compatible frame.

Estimated to ship early December.

PF45 Polymer 80 Glock 20/21 - Thoughts of a .45/10mm 80% build

Looks RTF, might have to get me one :+1:


Yep stopped making the ready mod versions.


Very nice. Very jealous of all the builders in free states!


My state isnt free, even though they call themselves the free state, but this is one area that is still open to us luckily.


Just spoke to the nice folks at polymer 80 and was told that there is no actual ship date but that they hope to start shipping by early Jan at the latest.


Lovely, I’ll have to get in touch with my rep again. They have had this issue with each preorder release.


Update from P80

To all our loyal P80 customers. We greatly apologize for the current delay. During the initial start of production we discovered a problem with the injection mold tool, and if left unresolved it would have caused the mold to fail in a very short amount of time. Rather than risk a major repair that would surely delay us months of production, we took the injection mold offline to resolve the current issue.

As of yesterday, the injection mold has been repaired and tested. Everything is working as intended.

With that all being said, we have unfortunately missed the pre-Christmas shipping schedule, and would like issue an apology to everyone. We were on schedule to release the PF45™ mid December but were faced with a setback that was beyond our control. As of right now, our goal is to push the PF45™ Kits as fast as we can through our dealer network starting the first week of January.

We are grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding.


The P80 Team


Last chance to Pre-Order. Updates from p80 gas then shipping this week!!!


We are shipping the PF-45 now