Preparing the next generation of Second amendment defenders



I decided to reply to that far left anti-2A loon who posted a comment. Let’s see if my comment gets approved. I put her in her place. :smiley: I’m growing tired of these anti-2A people and my patience and filter is now turned off.


the comment sounds a lot like troll bait - and you got the hook lodged deep.
the question to ask is why is the hateful bitch even reading AmmoLand?


It is sooo hard to not take the bait :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I didn’t care. What I said needed to be said. Moot point anyway my comment wasn’t posted.


by my estimation we are going to be pretty safe so long as we keep the current rate of education steady… an increase obviously would not hurt either. i have worked with many kiddos over my lifetime and this next generation to come up is not the tide pod eating sycophants that many seem to think they are. take a look a my recent series of live streams featuring competitive youth shooters and you will quickly see a common theme that gives you hope not just for the second but way beyond in many aspects of life and fact one of these kiddos was actually featured on the cover and in an article inside the recent Time magazine issue that has become so famous (or infamous) lately.


Do you have a link for that, or what I should do a search for?


i can probably find one, maybe, it was a pretty hot issue a couple months back, let me go see what i can find on it


here ya go, scroll down to Mia Farinelli the print version has many more pro gun voices you may already know too


Sig_Glockincolt caught with his head down - almost want to say finger in his…




look right below the Texas Gun Rights sign