Preposition: Limited Video Responses (LVR)


It would be nice to be able to make a video response to certain videos from content providers on full30, no I understand you can’t just have a bunch of extra content with possibly no relevance to the original video, yet it would be nice to be able to give a video response to a video content provider and they could at least see it and also share it in say a sub menu on their video if the original content provider agrees that it’s relevant and they wish to share it with their viewers.

To clarify not all video submissions would be publicly available.
the original content provider would be able to receive video feedback on their videos, and if they agreed with or liked the video reply and found it relevant or an extension of their original content video then they could share it with their viewers.

Or they could choose not to share it instead they could edit the video down to relevant points and weave that into another video for future content as a follow-up video, or even edit an existing video or should I say replacing an existing video adding additional content.

An example:
Iraq veteran 8888 has a video on completing and 80% Glock 19 lower from polymer80, He has expressed his views on a simple way of completing the project, get it would be nice if I could make a video in response to him and he could see it, If he chose to. He did then just selected to be viewable to his viewers and leave it at that, or he could choose to download the video cut it up edited and weave it into another video of his own content.
Also I would give the ability to the original content provider to also respond to any responses with an additional video.
So Eric could make his polymer80 video, I respond with my Polymer 80 video, he responds with “that’s cool we also came up with this and good on you for coming up with some really cool stuff.”
Again whether or not these videos are visible to anyone at all would be completely up to the Full30 endorsed primary content provider.

Ideas, objections, rebuttals?


That is a great idea.


I was just thinking of a way that we could interact with the content providers, enhancing the content’s educational and entertainment value, while also saving server space.