Prioritizing the fight


Prioritizing the fight.

So I think we mostly agree that the Bump Stock ban is way out of line. And there are discussions here about GOA and such bringing law suits against it. I get it. It’s a piece of plastic and that’s it. And a classic example of government over reach. But is this the hill to die on? How many of us actually rely on a bump stock or consider it a critical part for defending our families? (For the record I just joined the GOA. Unclear why I hadn’t previously)

There are bigger fish to fry.

We’ve been watching the left get bolder and bolder about coming after our guns. And in a few weeks they’re in a position to do something about it. I’d like to remind everyone about the Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA.) who back in May made a call for a ban on all assault weapons. He defines these as including semi-auto pistols and hunting rifles. Pistols!!! That thing I wear every day on my belt. The thing I do rely on to protect myself and my family. He want’s $15 billion to buy them back from “Law abiding citizens.” Which indicates full well he knows the “Non law abiding element won’t be selling anything. I don’t know how many law abiding types might actually consider giving up their weapons but I fear there are some. He stupidly threatened non compliance with prosecution up to and including nukes. Stupid twitter comment to be sure but he said it in response to a tweet that said Swalwell is calling for war and saying “…you’re outta your f***ing mind if you think I’ll give up my rights…”
Then POS Swallwell responds… “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes…”
Now all of us know it won’t come to nukes. But how close will it come? Would the military actually come against the citizenry? I doubt it. But what about the FBI and ATF? Waco is becoming history and perhaps the lessons lost.

We may only be weeks away for a flood of legislation to hit us in a lot harder ways than bump stocks. It seems the NRA and even Trump are failing us to some extent. Trump in my opinion has done well overall. Far better that what could have been (shutter in me bones) but the last few weeks are curious. Bump Stocks, backing down on the wall and I’m not sure how I feel yet about pulling out of Syria.

Law suits for sure. Vote for sure. But i think it’s time to take it to the streets. Not sure how that gets done. NRA won’t. Is that something the GOA could or would endorse or organize?

And where the hell is my CCW reciprocity bill? That needs resurrection as well.


I wrote a letter to the President today regarding the bump stock ban. No, I don’t own a bump stock, never have, never will (for one, I don’t own an AR). That’s not the point. The point is that the President is taking advice from the NRA, and doing so in a manner inconsistent with the Constitution, instructing the ATF to redefine automatic weapons, etc., therefore bypassing Congressional legislation in the process. What’s next, so-called assault weapons? Binary triggers? Semi-automatic weapons in general? It’s a slippery slope.

My point in writing the letter was to make sure that President Trump knows that the NRA does not represent all gun owners, not even close. If he is going to keep his campaign promises, he needs to ignore the NRA and listen to people who really support the Second Amendment.


Oh don’t get me wrong. I agree and am in process of writing the president as well. I think this is a great thing we can do.
I’m just pointing out that law suits are expensive. And while I agree in fighting the ban I think we can’t lose sight of the infinitely bigger threat. And these should be fought both via letter writing to congress, the president and local politicians. But I also think we need a big organized public display. How do we get that done.

Can you picture a million gun owner march on Washington? I’d love to see that.


I can picture it, and it would be monumental. However, most of these gun owners will want to bring their guns, and the logistics of just getting them to Washington (not to mention carrying them once they get there) might be a bit tricky.


Every Infringement is worth a fight to stop…the 2nd Amendment is very clear…


I get that it’s hard. I’d want my gun as well but I’d be willing to not have it with me if it meant pulling something like this off. Logistics…? Yeah tough. But if some organization can pull of a Women’s march it’s not impossible. We just need to get these pro gun organizations to maybe join forces and communicate with they’re memberships to get, and communicate an approximation of participation. Then take care of permits (if required) and set the “Where and When.”

Seems like a nice vacation option to me.


Do you think DC police would arrest every one of them who carried a gun ? It could easily turn into a lot of LE getting hurt, a million gun owners with guns against a few LEO’s stupid enough to try arresting them…and maybe that is what it will take to be heard…


LEOs should quit if given that direct order. Those that don’t are in for a challenge. I don’t condone violence or law breaking, however I don’t follow unconstitutional bullshit.


If this is done right no one gets hurt. It would need to be a lawful demonstration. Just a show of numbers. No LE should get hurt.
What I might expect is a somewhat violent counter protest from the anti 2A nut jobs. If they get violent they ought to be the ones arrested. But maybe they won’t. Doesn’t matter. I just don’t think the media believes we’re out here. The silent majority. We need to show our numbers more than our guns.


I have a small question about the bump-stock and definitions. As I understand, the Army found the full-auto use of the M16 was not very satisfactory for accuracy and wasted alot of ammo. They went to the 3 shot burst and found it to be more effective for the shooter and target, plus did not waste as much ammo. So my question is the politicians are misinformed as is the media with regard to the concept of full-auto application with the wretched M-16 ? Please advise me, especially if I am wrong.


I do not want to split hairs, but it may be more effective to oppose the left wing if they would try to listen to correct descriptions of the issues. Again, please advise me.


Listening isn’t their forte.
Willful ignorance is.
So I don’t think that they’re misinformed so much as deceptive to their base. Cuz that’s what serves their purpose.


You are correct, I am misplacing a reasoned fight with very irresponsible opponents. It’s not in their interest to be well informed. Oh well, back to my teeth-grinding, it’s a very frustrating to oppose deception on this scale. Thanks


What I’m suggesting is not teeth grinding. It’s foot pounding. I truly think if we continue only the way we have with letters and law suits we will continue to loose ground. We need to be seen and heard. Letters are fine and good if they fall on the right ears. I used to have a Republican rep here in my county in Ca. Gone now. The letters I used to write to her seemed to get no where. I can be assured of that now.

Law suits are good tools but so much rides on funding, competence of attorneys and sadly the politics of the judges.

Again, I’m not suggesting we stop any of these activities but we need to be seen en mass.


Yes, I can follow your train of thought, so we can be more effective by adopting some of their tactics. They do not seem interested in the truth and reason, so we can adapt and overcome. I am game for a fight, we have a considerable amount to lose. :thinking:


If it were just the plastic stock thingy they were after, it would not be “a big deal”. What they are trying to do is regulate the rate of fire. I don’t think anyone here wants to spend 15 years paying for a trigger job. This is where it is headed. I suddenly recall the 7n6 ban and nobody cared. But oh lord. Don’t touch mah green tip!
We either need to stand together or this “right” is going to be lost due to this mentality that. It’s not worth it because it looks stupid.


These “silent majority” jerkbags need to step the fuck up and start being vocal and participating. I mean there are tens of millions of these damn people. Silence is what got us here and silence will destroy the American way of life and identity. This is why I’m no longer part of the silent majority. I dislike these people now more than the anti-2A people. The anti-2A people are at least doing their part, their opposition, these silent douches are doing nothing. Nothing.


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


There is a significant majority that would love to be able to stand up and be heard. The question is HOW? Speak up publicly and you’re labeled a gun wielding nut job and vilified by the media. It doesn’t appear that the NRA or any other group wants to tackle this head on. So, what the hell are we supposed to do? Bitching on the internet certainly isn’t going to do any good.


Amen. That’s what I’m saying. I have no problem being called a gun wielding nut job. Don’t care if I’m vilified by the media. If we do this in a civil manner at least the media has to pay attention.
It’s the true leftist nut jobs that will show their true nature. Media can say what they want but other pro gun folks will follow as well.

Somehow we need to get the attention of pro gun groups. GOA may be it. But the more it’s discussed openly the better it will be.