Privilage.... it can come at a cost


As a Class 7 and SOT… people think we are the lucky ones. Oh sure… on a whim I can manufacture a machine gun and try to figure out if the police departments would want to buy what I made.
I can, but it comes at a price. Only other SOT or the military or law enforcement can buy the stuff. If we have a failed experiment… we just lost money. No one can own it. Our latest project is sort of like that…

Never mind the Diesel Punk Cerakote… it is the weapon. It is not really user friendly. The optic cradle hits your hand in funny spots. It is not comfortable. The muzzle brake while looking big, frickin works! Vertical grip works! You can easily flip it down… just shooting it like a real pistol sort of sucks.
Maybe if we put a stock on to it it will be better… in any effect, back to the drawing board on that one.
That leads me to the next one…



I like where the next project is heading!


PPs-43? A Glock in metal. Russia sucks. Swedish K . . . go with the Swedish K architecture.


Hahahhahahhaaa hey, we are not racist… we like ALL MACHINE GUNS…


That is a pisser, there’s been a few times I’ve seen a price, got excited, then read the post dealer sample part :sob:



Oh yes… and, it is not so easy coming up with police letter heads either.


Impractical guns can be fun at least…


Oh yes… they can be! Hahahhahahhahaha