Pro Gun Rally at all State Capitols... Today!

My family is going to…

at every State Capitol… find yours: Redirecting...

I’ll be leaving soon. Forecast for Wisconsin is 1/10" of ice, 4-6" of slush, up to a foot of snow, and 50 mph winds. On a positive note, it’s not raining frogs,… Yet.

atta boy @Sonny

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Type @Sonny Bring me my gun for more help

Hey, if we’re all supposed to stay home and avoid one another, how are we going to attend a rally?

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Yes, poorly timed and on the day of the rally we are told that’s it’s going to happen. Sounds to me like they wanted poor attendance. Very unfortunate. I would have attended despite being at high risk for the Wuhan flu. (Or as Biden has been known to say, “luhan flu”. Yup he’s still mentally ill.)

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This is from 2018 you are about 2 years late.

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I hate it when I do that!