Problem solved


Glock jams with copper plated bullets.


Freedom Muntions isn’t the greatest ammo out there, has cause a some various problems in the past. If it’s not doing it with other ammo, I would think Freedom might be the culprit.


Well, easy enough to figure out… I’m sure I’m pointing out the obvious, but… Shoot other stuff, see if it happens again. If it’s the ammo, now you have clearance practice at the range. :grin:

Might be worth polishing the ramp if it isn’t worn out. Glocks have ramps, right? I’ve shot some, haven’t owned one.


When buying plinking ammo, I always go cheap. And with cheap, you get an occasional misfire or hang up. It not only saves you money, but the failures also gives you experience in clearing the jams under stress. Which you probably are when your weapon keeps doing it.


Glad to hear it sounds like you figured out the problem. I have a new Glock 26 that I only took to the range once and shot about 200 rounds. It was shooting perfect with Federal and Winchester ammo but once I tried Perfecta ammo it had several failures to eject. Put Federal ammo back in it and it ran fine.


I have ordered 9mm new and remanufactured ammo from Freedom 6 times. Their customer service indicates it can take 5 to 10 business days to fulfill an order and ready it for shipping. All my orders have been fulfilled in 5 to 7 days after ordering. Ammo was shipped by UPS. You can estimate shipping time based on Freedom Munitions location in Lewiston, ID. With regards to quality, I have shot 1500 rounds through my Glock 26 with Storm Lake barrel without any issues (new and remanufactured).