Problem viewing videos?


I am a member of I have viewed many videos here. As of today, I can’t watch any videos, even those I have previously viewed in the past. I can access the video page and even read comments from other viewers but I get no video.

I am operating a Safari browser (up to date OS) and a Chrome browser with the same results. Is there a problem with the web site? Any ideas to fix the problem?

Thanks and regards.


I also joined full30, but only get about 20 to 30 seconds of video, Chrome browser over Wi-Fi in two different places same results.
Why is this happening?



I have figured out what the problem was for me. I run ad-blocker software on my computer, specifically a program called AdGuard. I have tried to do an exception for the TGC website but that didn’t solve the problem. The only way I can see TGC videos is to disable Ad Guard, watch the advertising pre-video and then I can view the content I am trying to see.