Problem with "Forgotten Weapons"


The channel must have some issue, some of the videos disappear, reappear and/or duplicate : the following picture show 3 screenshot, each taken after a browser’s refresh, you may see in the 1st and 2nd a duplicate video and
oneof the circled in the 3rd is not present in the previous 2.

In case the pic is not loading : “Whitney-Beals Walking Beam Pocket Revolver” , “Yeah, the AR15 is Now Becoming C&R Eligible” and “Schultz & Larsen RPLT-42: Danish Occupation Rifle” seems the most affected by the issue, the latest often is “replaced” by the “duplicated” video and rarely appear in the list

Tryed both Chrome, Firefox and IE.


Safari (Mac OS) doesn’t seem to have that problem, but I’ll keep trying.