Producer payouts $$

Attention producers

If you’ve done any reviews or have products in the store we are clearing the books before the threshold payout amount.

I have a list of seven producers I’ll be reaching out to via PM here and a notice will go up in slack directing here, if I don’t contact you today but you think I should have just hit me up

Payout will be July 1 via paypal, so be sure to PM me your paypal address even if we have it from a previous payout, this will all be sent to accounting no later than Monday the 28th

This clears our books and help sets us up for a new system, the idea being to get you paid more often and more $$$, if you’re a producer and haven’t yet done so lets get you signed up for tips as well.

Also, we are not only accepting new content creators but are seeking them, if you have a favorite hit them up and tell them to reach out to or direct them to this pinned topic

If they say they did before tell them its all new management and a requirement to do so again, we do apoligize for that but it is a new day.

God Bless


happy drag race GIF by Robert E Blackmon