Product reviews, HIVIZ replacement products


So I love Benelli shotguns and I own a few. My favorite is a Benelli M1 that I have named BLOODY MARY

I was running through sights for a customer the other day and found that HIVIZ makes a replacement front sight post with a fiber optic. Ok, cool…
Ordered it up, I stalled it today.

Inside the shop… not much… :expressionless:

Outside the shop… not much…
It did work well in transition though. Is it worth the money?

But I tried and I will not be throwing it away. But… was hoping for brighter.


But it matches the color scheme so :joy::joy:


Sure does! Probably the only reason I am going to keep it on there. Hahahhaha


This post reminded me I have a 870 vangcomp I need to get sites installed on. And it’s plain to look at :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: