“If we collected all the money in the world today and divided that money equally among every person in the world today, we would have the same rich people and the same poor people starting tomorrow.” -My Grandpa


Grandpa was a smart man!


I think this is mostly correct. However I don’t think you’re doomed to be poor if you’re born into it. I’m living proof of that. I wouldn’t say I’m rich, but not poor by any stretch. Definitely born that way though.



Good video, except has this guy never heard of Finance and Accounting courses? Granted, they are taught (mostly?) at the college level. So, if you don’t go to college, then you might not get exposed to the knowledge you gain from them.

But, other than that, I agree that what economic level you achieve in life is (somewhat) more related to attitude than what you were born into and raised in.


How about we manifest this…

Since Debt is used to enslave & plunder countries, and it can all be brought to a halt in a few short weeks. Let’s manifest that.

How? It seems to me all that countries need to do is default on the loans, refuse to pay the banks and IMF, then let them collapse. The key is for all of the central banks and IMF etc, to all collapse at once because that is when the Fiat System will be done. Down with fiat and down hard, and that is when people can and will take over the creation of the new money supply in a organic decentralized way from the failed Governments and Banks.

How? With gold/silver/precious metal backed instruments traded as crypto and protected by block chain.

Everybody thinks Libtards are idiots, that they are failing. I think they are merely useful idiots, and everything is going according to the ‘Plan’.

What if we reset the reset? Break out of the program in a big global way.


Money is the root of all evil


nope… the love of money


Well that and a few other things… :wink:


My father quit school after the 5th grade, so I doubt that the school system had much time to teach him to be poor. His father was an alcoholic sharecropper, so there’s something to the argument that his family could have raised him to be poor. He spent decades as a union worker, and from what I saw, the union put a fair amount of effort into telling him he was poor and needed the union to protect him from management and the rich company owners.

My mother was fairly good at managing money. Her father was a blacksmith and owned a farm (essentially worked two jobs for much of his life). At least once, I heard her complaining about how my father would notice how much she had managed to get them ahead on money (savings and other accounts) then seemed to have some compulsion to spend the money.

A few years before my mother’s mind got bad (Alzheimer’s), my father walked into a local car dealership, picked out a luxury car, negotiated a price, then went to the bank and got a cashier’s check for the amount. When he walked out of the bank with that check to purchase the car, he still had over $30k in his account.

As my mother’s mind failed, he had to take over managing the money. When she deteriorated to the point that she had to be hospitalized, my sister had to sit down with him and go over how the medical bills were going to be paid, since he hadn’t paid for an expensive enough medicare supplement to cover all the bills. At some point in that, he started responding to various things my sister brought up, with “the government is supposed to take care of that”. Eventually, my sister got fed up and said “those government programs are for poor people, AND YOU ARE NOT POOR!”.

He had a nice house that was paid for. He had a nice luxury car that was paid for. Between social security checks and pension checks, he had a steady income that was well above the poverty level. He also had some interest income from various bank accounts (he somehow hadn’t managed to spend all the money). But a lifetime of being told he was poor and being given the excuse that the rich people were keeping him down, kept him from being able to open his eyes and see that he hadn’t qualified as “poor” for several decades.

There is definitely some programming, but there is also a reluctance to take on the responsibility that comes with rejecting the programming - accepting that your own decisions have a lot to do with where you end up.


Nice share/reply :+1:



Well said, brother. :+1:



Interesting comments. A few items of note:

There isn’t enough gold and silver in the world (readily available, or even currently owned), to reasonably match the value of money in circulation around the world. So, we would have to have more things to use as the base value of the various currencies.

Although crypto currencies can and do handle large sums of money, they are but a drop in the bucket compared to how much money is currently in circulation. So, without tremendous upsizing, they couldn’t handle replacing fiat money anytime soon.

These suggestions remind me of B-den’s suggestion that everyone should be driving electric cars - now! Well, the federal government is not doing much to make that possible and not building the necessary infrastructure to support it. What commodity and/or crypto is available to support this fiat money failover ?

With digital currency in place, a government could substitute paper fiat money with digital fiat money. This, of course, is my nightmare as then the government could wipe a person’s (digital) money out overnight. And, who here totally trusts the government with all of their personal wealth? Hopefully, none of us.


Yup we white trash, happy and broke…


At the end of the day, that’s what really matters. There are plenty of unhappy rich people in this world.


The value of precious metals is what the scarcity of it says it is. It doesn’t really matter how much there is, the market sets the price.

In my ‘manifestation’ fiat would be illegal, including cyrpto. Specifically, only precious metal backed instruments protected by blockchain would be allowed.



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