Project Black

With all this fear about exposure to the Corona Virus, safety is key. Project Black has some great masks to ensure that. Click on the image below for more details. The price will be going up April 1st

pre order price

This is a top-quality mask, I already own a TR1 and love it, also have a TR2 on the way. Yes, the price is high, but this isn’t a cheap 3M mask, they seal up really well, even with my beard. Don’t need to be breathing in lead at the range.


Showing a guy with a beard, yeah that is just wrong. air leaks
Yeah for the silicone, best you can get. Drop in filters, can you say more air leaks.

One pic shows a single back head strap, the others show two thinners straps.
Make up my mind

Also, P or R rated filters would be superior to N series. Sine the face of the filter is open to the air, an oil resistance factor should be paramount.


Multiple strap options.


Hey now, they look just like the FBI guys that stormtroopered on Roger Stone’s house!

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