PSA AKV with BFSlll AK9-C1 trigger.

Has anyone installed the BFSlll AK9-C1 trigger on their PSA AKV? Is the trigger compatible with AKV, and how does it perform? I can’t seem to find and reviews of this combo. Thank you.


I have experience with bfs and fostech and honestly I would go with the fostech trigger.

I own the AKP, unfortunately I do not have the AKV.

The issue with any AK rifle is that they all have slightly different specifications from one another to the point that even Two rifles of the same make and model can like different types of magazines. This has to do with mag well dimensions, center support rivet placement, and magazine release lever length.
Having said that I would recommend the Fostech trigger.


I’ve only had the BFS2 and 3’s and love the 3’s

but buy them before they’re banned, FL didn’t even name them in their bump stock ban but retailers go along with it and I couldn’t order anymore


Thank you for the response, great input! Seems like the binary AK9 trigger groups are still fairly new, I definitely check out the Fostechs.


Something else on the Before They Ban it List: @SAK now I want drum mags.
@Robert now I need BFS 3.
The list grows and I can’t even get the first one bought. :confused: