I am in the market for a PTR 91, but don’t know which one to get. 16"…18"…GI…FR…SC…???
I will be using this rifle for general fun, range time, etc. Not really looking to ring super accuracy out of it. DMR accuracy with surplus ammo, maybe a 1-6 power scope. In other words, a reliable, fun to shoot, reasonable accuracy, battle rifle.
Thank you in advance for your help…

18" and FR. 18" because you’ll need it (I prefer 20" for any 308 setup but whatever), FR because you want to dress it up. Why not save a few bucks on the Magpul stock and get the MSG version?

I think I agree with the 18" and I definitely wanted the welded scope mount and heavy barrel.
I have heard that the GI versions have a little “looser” chamber making them more forgiving to surplus ammo and that all the others sometimes have issues. Any thoughts?

Wouldn’t know about the GI versions having a looser chamber, as I usually don’t bother with semi auto 308 rifles to be really honest with you. From what I understand PTR strives to approach HK specs/build quality although it isn’t always spot on and they had a lot of issues in the past.
I know the price difference is enormous, but why wouldn’t you consider a Noveske, KAC or LMT setup? All of these vendors make an outstanding rifle. Some people say 308 does not belong in the AR platform, but I disagree. It works fine. You’ll get more accuracy out of either one of those than with a PTR91. But since accuracy is not your primary concern and I’m getting a slight hint that you just want a fun/hobby gun to blast away with that is also affordable, may I suggest a Vepr 308 or a Galil ACE 308 instead? A 16" barrel just seems a waste of pricey 308 ammo to me (20" is ideal). YMMV. If you’re willing to spend more you might want to look in to the PWS MK2 series if you insist on a piston-driven rifle. I would seriously consider I know that price point might be high for some folks, but you really get what you pay for. PWS is a superb, absolutely top notch product and you benefit from the familiar AR manual of arms. I would pass on that PTR91 if I were you. Just my $0.02 here.

The best compromise barrel for a .308 is 18" or 20". I went 18" since the differences are so minimal between 18" and 20" but I would research it to death to make sure you are going to be happy with it. I believe Truth about Guns did an article on the performance differences of the various barrel lengths in .308. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen video where a S&W M&P10 in stock configuration with an 18" barrel was hitting targets consistently at 700+ yards. That should be more than adequate for wht you are telling us you are wanting in a rifle.

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I have no experience with PTR specifically but have shot some HK’s while in the service. My experience is that they do not lend themselves very well to the DMR role. Optics mounting is not user friendly IMO and can be a bit expensive getting a decent mount and accuracy is definitely “battle rifle” from what I’ve seen.

I agree with Minuteman’s suggestion that if your looking for a 308 semi-auto for the DMR/precision rifle role to look at the AR offering out there. Personal opinion is you will find they shoot more accurately, the recoil impulse is much smoother, and optic mounting will be much friendlier and more consistent.

If you are determined on going with the G3 style rifle then PTR has a very good reputation for making good quality rifles. For barrel length I believe the 18 inch barrel is more than adequate.

Good luck.

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I recommend getting a paddle mag release and a rail.

If you want to get a real good one, go for the free float barrel. It’s more expensive, but more accurate.

PTRs come with a welded top rail. All you need is a standard picatinny compatible scope mount.

Like I said, my experience with them is the old school types that require the HK claw mount. With that said, outside of the highly tuned sniper variants made for the German Bundeswehr and police forces, the HK style roller locks are not known for accuracy beyond "battle rifle"standards. If the OP is looking for casual range rifle of a “SHTF” type, then the PTR is a great choice. The action itself is rugged as hell and will eat pretty much any ammo. If someone is looking to mount magnified optics expecting DMR precision then personally I think the G3 types are the wrong direction. Any decent AR10 type will give better accuracy IMO and fulfill the DMR role better.

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I had an HK 91. Roller block locking system really increases felt recoil and ergonomics in that platform is very poor. Sold it and got a FAL and later a SCAR 17S and never looked back. Pass on the PTR91/HK91.


I’ve never been impressed with anything HK to be honest. They are overrated (and overpriced) in my book and not at all innvative. HK is just utterly boring, FN is a much better and far more innovative brand.