Puritan, CAI or DDI. Talk me out of two of them

I’m in for a 7.62x39 semi auto rifle and given CZ’s silence on any ETA with regard to the 807 I have narrowed it down to a Puritan (does POF even still make 'em?), C39V2 and a milled DDI DIY (if they ever release them).

The way I see it for now is retaining AR-15 manual of arms is very appealing to me but magazines suck. The C39V2 sounds interesting yet I’m still not convinced in the accuracy realm. DDI sounds interesting, However, they seem to be going downhill and their latest poduct turned out to be a lemon with extractors breaking and QC issues. The forged AK doesn’t seem to work out well. C39V2 seems to be a reliable build but isn’t as accurate as any of DDI’s offerings. DDI uses a better finish and the build is tighter.

Sell me on either one of these or steer me away from them altogether. Please stick to these 3. I’m not interested in Bulgarian Asenal variants, Galil ACE, Vepr etc due to various reasons (furniture-finicky, too proprietary, too much of a hassle) or lower end/middle of the road AKs. Thanks

I thought DDI just was bought out and the new owners pulled the plug on DDI. So that helps narrow you choices by one. No more to be made if I’m not mistaken. Can’t remember the buy out company.

Palmetto State Armory bought DDI

What accuracy are you looking for? As far as the 3 choices you gave, I’ve heard nothing but solid reviews on the C39v2. Not sure if POF still offers the Puritan in 7.62 Russian. They do offer a DI gun in 7.62 Russian called the Renegade, might be something you are looking for if AR ergos are a priority to you.


DDI technically still exists and has been bought bij PSA to produce AKs for them. It’s essentially just a rebrand as DDI facilities have not been dismantled.


Best accuracy out of the box (willing to spend the extra buck on a top of the line Geissele AK trigger) with middle of the road ammo. No Tula garbage but no fancy pancy Hornady SST or whatever they call that stuff either. Just your brass reloads, Yugo surplus, GT and Barnaul. In other words: good ammo but nothing too expensive. Bringing ammo cost down is the whole reason behind getting into AKs. I’m not sure whether or not the Puritan is still being offered but the link hasen’t been taken offline and can be reached through a Google search. Ideally I’d like to combine the CMMG lower with the Puritan upper so I can use Waffle mags but IIRC that lower is proprietary. I prefer to retain AR manual of arms but as I’m mot a fan of the AR pattern 7.62x39 mags combining the said upper and lower would be the perfect solution. I’m aware of the Renegade, thanks, but I’m not in to DI rifles. Everything I own and have previously owned is piston operated.

I have the C39 Pistol and I think the quality is excellent. For a pistol it is accurate too, I have shot it up to 160 yards, which is more than a pistol would normally be used for. I imagine once I get a SIG brace I will like it even more.

The C39V2 is a very good quality build from what I understand and a serious contender indeed. It’s attractive as it’s 100% Made in USA. I think I’d still prefer the AR platform though as it’s more reliable and accurate.

My ideal 7.62x39 setup would be a https://pof-usa.com/the-puritan-762/ upper and https://www.cmmginc.com/shop/lower-group-mk47-wctr-blk/ lower, while adding a Geissle Super Tricon trigger, Trijicon MRO and PWS EBT, Circle 10 Waffle mags, LaRue FUG Pillar grip as well as a https://pof-usa.com/shop/upgrades-accessories/hand-guards/m-rail-handguard-upgrade/ into the mix.

Well, there it is Minutman. Your ideal build. Why look any future if you have the build in mind as discribed. Time to get building.

I don’t know whether they’ll fit or not. I recall reading somewhere online about the lower only being compatible with the Mutant’s upper. Can’t find hat particular url anymore.

Guys, thanks for your input. I gave it some thought and I don’t think I’m interested in going this route afterall. A 7.62x39 platform is just not worth the investment due to the limitations of the round. I’ll stick to my AR-15 and 5.56x45 ammo.

Tbh I think the only real reason to go 7.62×39 is for fun or to punch through barriers that 5.56 can’t. And realistically, we aren’t really in need of the ability to punch through that kind of barrier normally.

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Exactly. I’m not doing PSDs in heavily urbanized terrain or whatever, so I have zero use for anything .30 in a general purpose role.

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