Putting on the brakes


Well it may (possibly) cool down soon and I havent had front brakes for awhile,

or got a hair cut, so off I went this AM to the barber so I could look good for my bike…:thinking::thinking:

I’ve not done a master cylinder rebuild on a harley before and I sure hope it works :rofl::rofl::scream:

Its lunch and this is as far as I’ve got


Brakes are a good thing.


You don’t realize that when it comes down to it, stopping is just as important as going.


Looks familiar
Was pretty easy except the brake sw messed with me…


Wasn’t it Bugatti who said he made his cars to go, not stop?


Don’t be a puss! Use your feet Mr Flintstone


brakes are overrated - just get heavier soles


put my engineer boots to use?

I did get it together and drivable, I think one caliper works harder than the other based on how easily one bled over the other…


not sure but check to see if you have a proportion valve in that case ?


This is good advice, real men use their feet.




Egads, words fail me.
How did you add those happy faces?