Q Trash Panda Suppressor

So it’s about that time for me to pick up a freedom can. It would be used on a 308 and a 556, so QD was a must. I was sold on the SilencerCO omega 300… until I called the local shop to see if they were in stock. “Are you 100% sold on the Omega”? I said kind of… “Ok… because I am going to try to talk you out of it”. Well ok then! I am always willing to change my mind, and these guys sell and use cans often so any info was appreciated.

The reason for this post is for a comparison and some info I simply did not find when researching. I would also love to hear if anyone has both, or 1 or the other, and how your experience has been so far!

1) Both cans have similar suppression.
2) The Panda is 1" shorter than the Omega. 
3) The Panda is 2.2 oz Lighter than the Omega.
4) The omega comes with direct thread mount for 556, and a QD (ASR) mount for 
308 (meaning purchasing of another separate muzzle device would be needed for
 the Ar15 for QD). The Panda comes with A "cherry bomb" compensator for 556 AND 
another one for 308. They can be tightened with a socket and they do not need to be

timed :slight_smile:
5) The muzzle devices for the Panda use “smart tapers” that keep the crud off the
threads and makes the suppressor stay put when needed, but still lets it be removed easily
by hand. The omega has had issues with the threads getting dirty so the can doesn’t come
off by hand. The exact statement was that they “come off when you don’t want them to,
and won’t come off when you need them to.”
6) Omega has more moving parts meaning more things can go wrong.
7) Only the center of the omega is EDM (possible concentricity issues). It has a welded stack with a tube over it(tube can fly off). The panda is “full welded” (no weak spots). My understanding is the Omega is advertised as full welded because the STACK is full welded. Not the whole can.
8) The coating used on the Panda is something called PVD. It’s supposed to be incredibly durable.
9) The Panda is cheaper than the omega.
10) Supposedly SilencerCO is having financial issues.

Seems almost too good to be true. I’m almost hoping someone has had issues with it and can share just so I know what to expect. Thinking on putting the money down this week or next….then….the waiting game.

The suppressor being fairly new and all, I have not found anything on how Q handles their warranties. SilencerCO “even covers stupid once”. Anyone ever have to use the Q warranty?

Sorry If I missed anything. This is my 2nd time typing this as I erased…yes….erased it all instead of posting the first time. Oops.

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This is a freaking awesome video. Took me a second to figure out what he was doing hehe. Wonder how well it works…you know…as as a cleanining trap.