Quality vs junk AR15 parts


Yep, all good parts too! :+1::+1::+1:


BCM and sometimes if you can find Daniel Defense


Incredible, looks like they beat on it with a punch.


Even the cotter pin was bent… hahhahahhaa the firing pin was so badly peened over it would cut you if you were not careful!


I was going to do aero precision on a build, think I’ll save my money and go with another.


Their uppers, lowers, rails, barrels… too of the line. Like really good.
It is their lower parts kits that are… cough cough…


They even have decent buffer kits.


Is it just PSA LPKs or are you seeing issues with other parts?


The parts kits from Aero Precision seem to suck… but it is their small parts, not their gas blocks n such. Those are good to go.


I know what works more than what doesn’t… at least off the top of my head. We have never had an issue with Spikes, Battle Arms Development, LBE, CMMG, or Seekins parts or parts kits. While I do not consider LBE or CMMG top of the line, they are mil spec and they work and last. I just prefer melonite stainless steel pins and gas tubes… but that’s a personal preference.


I stay away from the mega chain places that sell cheap… those places are what I have to fix when people bring in a bag full of parts. Cheap crap in my experience. I have had to just throw parts away in front of customers because they are so far out of spec. Lots of parts from China come in that way…


Makes sense, PSA used to be ok but its been a few years since ive owned one. There used to be a source list for their parts but they dont really say much anymore on it. My old PSA had a toolcraft BCG/bolt and a FN chrome lined barrel.


Great info , @RogueGunnWorks :+1:

I made your posts on quality parts into a seperate thread , hope you dont mind but the topic deserves its own discussion.


Sounds good to me! ! Hahahhaa


Makes ya’ wonder if it’s because of the quality of the parts or the talent of the person doing the installation.


Based on what you have seen, what specific features make the Smith & Wesson a better choice over the Ruger? I have considered buying one. Just curious.


“Mil spec” is thrown around a lot in the industry… Ruger has a fake D ring… it is not mil spec at all. You have to unscrew it to remove the hand guards, not just pull the ring down against the spring to remove the hand guard.
The Smith and Wesson M&P has a great upper and lower. While not “mil spec” because the lower has no removable trigger guard, it is a well machined piece and the upper and lower fit well together. The anodizing is done very well too. It is a better anodizing than on a Ruger I have found. (The ano is easier to blast off when prepping for Cerakote on a Ruger)
The Smith and Wesson also has a great barrel, and when you compare both BCG side by side, there is a difference in the finish on the Smith and Wesson. I have had 2 cases of customers smith and Wesson M&P rifles being shot an excessive amount of ammo without being cleaned and they kept working… one over 2000 rounds.
The biggest part is that when I strip a weapon for Cerakote, it is 100% taken apart. You become intimate with each part… fit, finish, material…
When you do this, you have a much better understanding of the quality.
It has been my experience that the Smith and Wesson is of better quality.


Is their higher end stuff up there with their competitors too? Like BCM, Colt, SOLGW etc.


I would not hesitate to grab any Smith and Wesson M&P rifle. I would actually grab one over a Colt… maybe over a BCM


Over a SOLG i am still leaning to the M&P
But as soon as you are in that price range, my number one pick is the LWRC DI