Quality vs junk AR15 parts


Solid Gold

I was at a shop buying a stripped lower and they put one of those in my hand, I put it on my visa.


Something that I bring up with my customers…
And I am not trying to be an ass or stuck up here either.
I can buy what ever I want. I work on, play with, or Cerakote just about everything.
This gives me an insight that many people do not have. For the dollars spent, for me at least, the LWRC rifles are the most bang for the buck. I own quite a few… :roll_eyes: not that I am addicted to them, I just like them that much.
My son owns one, and I think I have 7?

Maybe 8… in the photo are my 556 guns that are mine. The shop (i am the sole owner of the shop) has 2 full auto LWRC rifles)
I love my SIX-8 LWRC too… i have not picked up a REPR yet, but will at some point.


I love LWRC parts and components so much, I use them in custom builds. Though, I am not a huge fan of there PDW stock… the MAXIM stock is better.


LWRC is good stuff. I prefer SOLGW over them, myself. I assemble my lowers and buy the upper seperate, it cuts the costs significantly.


For me, the LWRC has nearly everything I want already on a platform. Full ambi lower and the superior upper receiver to rail connection. Their barrels are extremely hard to beat for consistent accuracy and durability. I have yet to burn one up even in my machine guns. Their bolt carrier design is superior in my option too.


That :arrow_up:


I dont like their rail set up. If I wanted something like that I would go with a monolithic set up. Their barrels and BCGs are definitely top tier though. LMTs enhanced bolts are another good one too, in terms of “improved” bolts those two seem to be the popular ones. I know a guy who used to compete alot in 3 gun and has a jp bolt that is at close to 40k with no issues. I am nit the biggest fan of JP though.


Noveske probably makes the best AR15 barrel in terms of longetivity , imo, but you get what you pay for and they are $$. I dont care for their whole rifles at all though.


So in laymen terms could someone explain the NiCorr process LWRC uses for their barrels? Its supposedly alot harder and more corrosion resistant.


It is cool that the gas key is machined directly into the carrier. That is brilliant idea.


I have one of the original M&P Tactical carbines (M&PT)…it is an excellent carbine. If I had to choose one of my ARs to take into a serious situation, that would be the one.


My question about Aero is how many other companies do they make receivers, etc for? Anderson too. I hear they both make a very large percentage of other companies’ stuff for them as OEM. Just like BCGs, who makes them? Spikes, toolcraft, just a few others. A handful of outfits supply the entire AR market…


What about Stag Arms? Is there stuff any good?


I hate Stag Arms…


Quality control on Stag arms is crap… had to return 2 LH BCG because they would not work. Machining is off on their uppers and lowers.


Not 100% sure but it is more than one. Aero makes an excellent AR… people shy away I think because of price. Let me tell you all, price doesn’t mean crap anymore. I just worked on a FN SCAR 20S and there is NO WAY IN HELL i would pay more than $1200.00 new for one.


Aw, man. :frowning:

Only reason I ask is because that’s what I have. When prices started coming down after the Trump effect, I decided I’d get my first AR to see what all the fuss is about. But instead of buying a complete AR, I figured I’d build one to better learn how it works and to spread out the cost over a period of time buying parts here and there.

I went to a local gun shop, and all they had were Stag Arms stripped lowers, so I bought one not knowing anything about which brands are quality and which are junk. I figured it would be better to buy all Stag parts to make sure everything fit, with the exception of a BCM lower parts kit I got a good deal on.

Anyway, I’ve only got less than 1000 rounds through it. A spent case from some cheap ammo got stuck once in the chamber, but it miraculously didn’t jam or malfunction on me when it got wet and caked with mud crawling through a muddy obstacle during a run n gun biathlon.

So what kind of stuff should I watch out for?


If you just bought a stripped lower, do not worry about it. It is their complete rifles and BCG and barrels… and receiver sets (if you are after a Precision rifle) hahhahahha


No, unfortunately I bought all Stag parts, including the barrel, upper BCG, etc. Only thing not Stag is the BCM lower parts kit. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye on all that stuff.


I would check head space, make sure it is correct. If the gun runs, and you have accuracy, i would not worry about it. But when you start replacing parts, replace with something else. You cannot go wrong with Fail Zero BCG