Quality vs junk AR15 parts


Ive owned two RA AR15s and rate them how you rate dpms lol The bolt catch actually cameout of one of mine lol the pin hole on the reciever was out of spec.


YIKES! that’s good to know!
I think the more people post, the better informed everyone is. I will keep my eyes out.


I also had an out of spec forged Noveske lower but it was a “blemished” one so they couldnt do anything for me. I like their barrels but I would personally go elsewhere for anything beyond that. I think they went down the whole “lifestyle” path after John Noveske died.


Sure did… prices jumped too… no thanks.


Ok, I get what you’re saying. Been many times I’ve told people to take the radiator cap off their car and drive another one under it. Soooo… for the sake of knowledge, what’s the issue with the lower and upper? Is it a sloppy machining thing? Poor heat treat on the aluminum? Poor grade aluminum?
I’m a tech by profession and by nature so these are the questions that keep me awake at night.


White Oak has some excellent barrels also. I put a White Oak SPR profiled 18in in my MK12 build and have shot comps with it. Hand loads give me .5-.75MOA all day long and good factory match stays at 1MOA all day long.


Aluminum is not of the quality that everyone else is using. Way behind in the times. The anodizing is really poor as well. Machining leaves a LOT to be desired… small parts can break… watch the bolt catch. Premature wear, even with lots of lube.
Think of it this way… it is a 1990s Ford Taurus… compared to a 2019 Toyota Tacoma…


I see. A barely capable alloy. Explains why people have said the pin bosses will crack. No fixing interior metal. Thanks for the input. If I were to build one, what do you recommend that wont break the bank? Not looking to build a 1K yard competition rifle. But, it should be something worth trusting your life with.


Best bang for the buck is Aero Precision hands down… quality in their materials and machining. They do a great job with anodizing too.


And their fom the PNW…or thats a big plus for me. Regional superiority and all that.


Hahhahahhaa yeah, I would not want to live in Tacoma… but I am moving to Port Angeles so there is that… hahhahaha