Quentin Defense AR10 Receiver set


Just wanted to share this here first. Just got done photographing the insanely beautiful Quentin Defense AR10 receiver set. These will be available starting next week. No idea what they are going to be priced at since I am just the person shooting their images. I have yet to see many if any sets as beautiful as these!!!
I sent the owner an invite to this site so hopefully he gets on here soon…

UPDATE: I was just in the shop talking to the owner and he said the price is going to be right around $500 for the set!!!



I REALLY enjoy professional photography of just firearms. Both my dad and sister have done professional photography, and I can appreciate someone who has an idea of what there doing, even though I don’t have the eye for it myself.


Sweet mother of Pearl. That is sexy. That company needs to contact me so I can get one of those in the studio, built up, and showing it off.


Is it me or does this get sexier everything I see it?


You know I am a professional photographer right? For almost 25 years. This is the first set off the machines that I photographed for them. I already have a set on its way to cerakote for a build. But you can contact them directly off of their website and ask them what your cost is on a set if you like.


No it keeps getting sexier. LOL. I was just in the shop and we were physically comparing it to a few other receiver sets and the amount of small details on the machining I can now say I have not seen any other set that pays attention to detail like this!!!


Need to do a shoot with the ar10 and ar9. Not sure if they have an ar15 but all in one pic😍


yes they actually started with the AR15 receiver sets. And there WILL be photos without a doubt once the AR10 comes back from cerakote (I am looking for the proper people to model them as well right now). Might let them take these with to Shot as well.


Model as in awesome pose with bearskin rug🙈


LOL. I was thinking since we are in Arizona. maybe model as in with some cactus, or in the mountains, or even at one of the lakes. Maybe if I end up finding a legit gun shooter vs gun bunny I might do some extra photos.
Have to see what the owner of Quentin would like to plan out for their Shot booth. Since I am not back in CA where I know tons of people it will be a bit different to try to find proper models here. (granted I could likely just go down to the university and find hundreds if not thousands of wanna be models if I needed gun bunnies)