Quentin Defense - ARQ9 Receiver Set on sale

Hey guys…
Just wanted to post up real quick if anyone is possibly looking to build an AR9/PCC gun in the near future. There is a shop here in Arizona that manufactures in house some of the most beautiful receiver sets on the market. They are doing AR9, AR15, and maybe available starting in a week AR10 sets (I am waiting to get the first set from anodizing to photograph for them still)

Take a look at the link. https://www.quentindefense.com/product/quentin-defense-arq-9-billet-receiver-set/
I am an unpaid person for this company, but with so many receiver sets looking boring why not spice up your custom builds. you can save $80 off the AR9 set using code - LaborDay2018


Sexy stuff :sunglasses:


I agree. I mean my photos are quite good, but still doesn’t even compare when you handle their sets in person!!! the fit and finish is about as good you will find from any company. These guys run a smaller retail shop and have some machines in the back doing CNC parts. Super talented designer/programmer. And they are really good people at the end of the day which makes dealing with just that much better.


Looking at them make me weak in the knees😍