Question for any cops here.

@Merlin7 you raise a good question about how do we place a value on what public service requires.

I just got my tax return. I made a little less than $54k. Truck drivers making a living on the same roads are making more money, are we not worth more than them? Construction workers on the same roads are making more money, I would think officers are worth more than them also.

But to really put it in perspective for you, the town closest to where I live was hiring a shift manager for mcdonalds at $25 an hour, that is more than I am making and my agency starts at $21 an hour. Am doubt I am the only one that sees something wrong with that.


Without a doubt, you are way more valuable asset. It reminds me of my service in Vietnam with the gunboats where we found patrolling the rivers was on high awareness until a firefight where it was a crazy level of activity, then back to patrolling. Having people trying to shoot at you with intent of fatality. So I don’t know a good solution, but without you being on the job the policy makers are under an unrecognized risk. I thank you for being on the job, I’m sorry you are not compensated properly.


Thank you for your support. I would rather be a man my sons can look up to and be proud of, than a rich man.


You are respected by your boys, and by us.


They’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Money. Depends on your department and the tax revenue. I work at a place that has a steady stream in the training budget so we train a couple times a month. It’s not always firearms and tactics though that is usually once a month. Now there’s departments two towns over that are lucky to shoot 50 rounds a year on the cities dime. Now in all reality American LEO’s are by in large some of the highest trained LEO’s in the world.


I have actually had a question concerning this very thing but was afraid to ask. My concern is this…I have been in a few situations in the past, we won’t get into where I noticed that while my mind tells me what I need to do, and I do consider myself a fighter and a strong person, my body however does not seem to cooperate. It’s almost like I have no control over it. My legs shake uncontrollably and almost feel numb at the same time.
Is there something that you can do to make your body not freeze up?
When I hear a noise outside, I have never had a problem with grabbing my gun and going to investigate it. I feel completely comfortable being on the offense, but in several situation when I have been on defense (think domestic abuse), it’s like my mind is strong but my body is weak. I’m afraid that something like that will happen in a situation of say a home break in or something. I was just wondering if anyone has some tips on this.


The liberal Media has blew everything out of proportion and the public eats it up, Some people just can’t grasp the idea if you point a gun at a police officer, you are going to get shot.

A big stink here a while back was a poor innocent good boy hood rat pointed a toy gun at them and got shot. It’s like what do they expect. They have a split decision to decide if that gun is real or if he is going to shoot you.

The poor decision is when he pointed the toy at them to begin with, besides that thing looked real. I think some incidents are suicide. when you come outside with several swat and police waving a gun at them, you’re either really stupid or want to die.

Sure there are mistake shootings, police are human too. The hood rats around here kill me talking bad about the police when they show up and then bad about them when they show up late. it’s a no win situation for them. They are always on tv complaining about the violence in their neighborhoods and always blaming police for not stopping it.

Not the police fault cause they have no morals and kill each other for nothing. then when they show up to find out what happens, NOBODY will say a thing and tell who done it, but that same person that seen it all happen will bitch on tv about police not doing anything.

These anti cop hating fools need to live without them for a while. Lord I can’t imagine the chaos and crime that would take place

OK, rant off.


you will hear all types of quotes and training propaganda out there - and most of it is that org’s selling feature. Going to get burnt for this non-gun comment but go enroll in Judo since that sport actually teaches both the offensive and defensive side of martial sports (plus most clubs are not for profit) so you level. is personal based and not the size of the wallet.


Thanks @srdiver. I guess I never considered or thought much about Judo or other martial arts. Maybe learning to fight and defend myself without a weapon or handgun will help me with this issue.


Also, I will tell you this:

Use visualization to prepare yourself to handle any scenario that you can imagine that you may have to deal with.

Your brain and body freeze when you have NO plan to react to a surprise situation. When you’re on the offensive…you have a plan, you are active and planning your next step.

The only way you can do this successfully is to think about all the shitty, horrible scenarios you can imagine yourself getting into and then visualize your best possible response to those situations. It sucks, it’s uncomfortable but it definitely will help you out if it occurs.
If you have past situations where you were victimized, dig into them, analyze where things went wrong, where the point of no return was, and how you could have pre-empted that. You don’t always win…some situations you can’t see coming…you have to accept that as well.

If you have visualized a response to a threat before it occurs, your brain immediately has something to fall back on and you can react instead of freezing.

Yes, this is from actual psychology and there are many places that use this method to train you out of freezing under a threat.


Thanks @Comanchero45 I believe I already sort of do this as I also thought it might help.


Obligatory not a Cop.

That said, I know a lot of officers due to some work that I do, and the largest complaints I always hear are lack of funding, lack of training, and lack of resources. I would imagine that these things are exasperated greatly in rural areas where there is little crime, which makes instances in which there is crime much, much harder.

This is just what I’ve heard from working with and a round a lot of LEO’s.

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