Questions on PPQ M2


I recently acquired a new Walther PPQ M2. I know I’m behind the curve here as I’m in Ca and that gun is not on the roster. But I’ve got it and took it to the range today and came away with a few questions.

  1. Prior to my acquisition I saw some video reviews and everyone seems to love the gun with much stated love for the trigger. Not so much me so I’m not sure if I was expecting too much or I’ve got an anomaly here.
    While the reset is pretty good the initial take up is both long and a bit gritty in my opinion. So have any of you with this gun had the same issue? And if so how have you addressed it?

  2. This is an odd one. On one review I saw the shooter inserts a mag and the slide closed on its own. Seemed odd to me but he claimed it was a “feature.” Ok, but I really don’t want a gun doing something I haven’t asked of it. Mine doesn’t do this… mostly! And it’s the “mostly” that concerns me. Today I put about 150 rounds through it and the slide did in fact close itself twice. I have to think this is a malfunction.
    Your thoughts and experiences with this phenomenon appreciated.


Sound’s like you might really be slamming that mag in, knocking the slide catch loose and sending the slide home. Not as much a “feature” as it is just user manipulation. It can be done with any gun, and how easy or hard it is just depends on the spring tension with the slide locked back.


Ok. That sounds plausible. I’ll try it again next time. Never had it happen before with any gun. But the spring may be a bit lighter on the one.


As far as the slide slamming home after inserting a magazine @USMCMahon answer is 100% correct.

PPQ triggers are awesome for a striker fired pistol. The gritty feeling your getting is most likely due to “ gunk” unburnt powder, dirt, sand, etc. you can spray CLP between the trigger bar to flush out the debris, or remove it and clean the frame area and trigger bar your choice.

I pulled mine out and you can see unburnt powder on the trigger bar starting to accumulate already.

To help this from not happening just make sure the area is free of oil and dry.
I hope this helps Brother!


Thanks. I’m gonna break it down tonight and I’ll check it out closely. It’s new so I didn’t expect any build up of crap. My initial clean and lube before I took it out could have been better I suppose. Thanks for the tip.
I’m also really a 1911 guy so kinda spoiled on triggers.


Yeah, you will not like the PPQ trigger if that’s the case. Remember the striker fire has to load the firing pin to the rear and release it, where as the 1911 just has to release the hammer. Think of it like a double action revolver trigger.


The only other striker I have is a Rugar SR9C. Not a big fan but currently the trigger isn’t as bad as this PPQ. Again maybe a good scrub and lube will help it. Its just with all the praise it got in reviews I guess I was expecting too much.

I’m also gonna be changing out the sights post haste with a Trijicon set.


So @switchpod thanks for your tips. It got me looking closer and I think I’ve found it. The problem seems to be where it rubs back by the spring. I hadn’t lubed this part and you can feel it and see it rub and stick here. I’ve (since this pic) put just a bit of oil here and it seems better. Gotta get it to the range to be sure but dry firing seems better. Hard to be sure though.


Awesome brother! I’m glad to hear that.


I also have a question about the stock sights. Everything I’ve seen online shows plastic 3 dot sights. Mine came with Iron (good) and a high viz front sight (ok) and a shit non-adjustable rear sight. Single dot, so a snowman config (which I’m not fond of.) Anybody else have these? Pics are lousy here (sorry)

I did order some Trijicon sights that I’ll be installing. Front replacement seems easy and as far as the rear everything I’ve read or seen indicates there is a plunger that retains the sight. I don’t think I’m seeing that. Looking at what I have with some white paper in the background seems to be either two posts or pins? Is it just my eyes or does anyone know if Walther has changed the mechanics of this recently?


Me too, but I do also love the PPQ trigger a lot and by far more than any polymer frame firearm. But in my pecking order it still is behind two steel frame auto loaders. Hmmmmmmmm…take a guess which ones!!! Haha.