Questions on prepping.


So I live about 50 or so miles from Hanford.

Assuming shtf , about how long do you think it would take before Hanford became an issue?

what preps would you recommend?
(radiation detectors ,potassium iodide pills, etc )

While my plan is not to stick around here indefinitely if shtf, I dont like the idea of bugging out or relocating immediately after shtf when people are freaking out and rioting. So maybe 60-90 days.


5-10 minutes


I would move now.


Don’t be there. Half of surviving any catastrophic event is not being there in the first place.


Eh, the bold part says all you need to know. ANY “study” or article done by an anti group of the subject of said “study” or article should be taken with a grain of salt.


Become active in your local community, that’s my first on the list.


Amen. I know my neighbors, we have discussed “neighborhood watch” even though we are in some cases miles apart. We’ve all gone weeks without electricity so ANYONE on this road has some preperations in place.

It’s still a neighborhood watch if it is in crosshairs. :wink:


Is it prepping in you have plans to clean the meth heads out if shtf?


My family used to have a homestead in White Bluffs. We were kicked out when they decided that Hanford had to be built… flat out, i would not want to live anywhere down stream from there… or a 100 mile radius around it. Like… I am NOT living there!
If things when to hell, you really only have a max of 48 hours to get out of there before containment would be compromised from no one being there to take of it. If it is the SHTF you have 5 to 10 minutes to get out.
So ask yourself why do you have to live there now?


Get to know your neighbors. That way you can exploit their weaknesses and make a list of stuff to steal. It’s called the new green “neighborhood watch” deal. :unamused:


I used to tell my ex girlfriend that if it all went to hell, I was eating the neighbors…


There is something so familiar with you both…:thinking:


You ate the neighbors?




No matter the context , eating the neighbor is not ok.

Was this your neighbor John or Howard?


Sounds like you are being judgemental of yourself. I have never seen you so worked up that you speak in third person.



People… the other white meat…
I hear that a good barbecue sauce goes well with us. Mmmmmmm BQ… mmmmmmm


I was thinking a premtive strike to keep them from stealing every thing.


You’ve heard about the cannibal that passed his grandma in the woods?