Quiet mosin AKA suppressed mosin


I was wondering if anyone else has done a suppressed mosin nagant. I did my about 2 years ago and love it ever since.

anyone else want talk about there experience.


You can’t tease something like that and not show us pictures!!!


forgot about that. is the long boi :rofl: with a specwar 762. the original.


Unless a UFO lands in my yard and it’s occupants clean my garage for me, this is going to be the COOLEST DAMN THING I’m going to see all day.


the one thing i got to find out, is if i can direct upload the video so you can hear it. :wink:


Or not hear it… :thinking:


If you have the video else where just post the link here to it. That looks so cool!


that is true the using surplus ammo it is well in the hearing safe range. I believe its at 131-133 range. you can hear the impact of the round after being fired. not 300 blk quiet but great for a hunting rifle. #quietmosin


Also here is a nice 22 vs 7.62x54R great guy that got me to go through with it.


thats about the best mosin bolt i’ve ever seen. forget the suppressor lol.


It still need some wood and action work. Need to get a blow torch and melt off the some cosmaline.