R.I.A VR80

Been looking at the rock island armory VR80, and other magazine fed shotguns for hunting, such as deer, doves, turkey and such but I am having trouble finding out about shot patterns at traditional hunting distances using loads such as 2 3/4 #6 shot for squirrel and rabbit 2 3/4 #8 for doves and 3 inch double alt or #1 buckshot for eastern whitetails. What I have found though is that the AK pattern shotguns are mostly intended for CQB and during my conversations with retailers and others in the magazine fed shotgun world is that magazine fed shotguns aren’t really intended to hold buckshot pattern out to 60 yards or bb’s out to 30 yards and its chaffing my rear end because if I can’t hunt with it I have no use for it because I already have home defense shotguns. For example, my1976 Remington 1100 with a 28 inch modified barrel can down a buck with a slug at 100 yards or 2 3/4 #1 buckshot at 50 yards to put meat in the freezer while my mossburg 3 1/2 gun using full choke with 2 3/4 #6 shot can’t bag a squirrel standing still at 20 yards. Does anyone have any information about the R.I.A VR80 shot patterns at distance?


Some of the magazine fed 12 ga autos take chokes some do not. Any distance past 25-30 yds w/buckshot is wishfully thinking.
Every shotgun is different and you need to take it out and pattern it. My 870 will pattern 1 brand #6 shot great and another not so well.


My comments about the two guns I listed we meant to be a generalization, every traditional hunting shotgun ever sold with possibly a few exceptions, due to the laws of physics and odds a shotgun sporting between a 28 to 30 inch barrel, 2 3/4 to 3 inch buckshot,modified to full choke can bag a deer at 50 yards. I’m looking for a tactical style, magazine fed hunting shotgun that can do that, the vepr and saiga cannot and thats why I was asking about the VR80, I was hoping it could fill the gap.


Shotguns usually do better with less than a full choke with larger buckshot due to the shot getting deformed. Now if you were using #4, I would be all in with a full choke, that’s a go to load for coyote loads but not 00 or 000 I’d stick to a modified at best that gives you the option of using slugs as well.


I’ve watched multiple videos on the tube about the vr80, lots of mag dumps and close-ups of the gun firing at paper at 20-30 feet, thats fine and dandy, to me it says "yes, the shotgun will fire when the trigger is pulled " nothing else. The firearms influencers say it could be used for hunting but provide no information on the performance when used in a general hunting senerio.i feel it really does a disservice to us hunters. I “still” hunt (no dogs)deer and turkey in Virginia and I would like to add a tactical, deer,turkey,rabbit and squirrel, platform shotgun to my collection but it’s gotta be able to bag a deer at 50 yards like all other modern hunting shotguns on the market today. I appreciate you all and full30 is an awesome outlet for all defenders of Liberty and freedom. Thanks everyone.