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I don’t base my choice of firearms ownership on my race, my sex(or lack of), religion, political affiliation, or any other external factor. I base my CHOICE of firearm ownership on the fact that I wish to ensure my family is safe and their future will remain free.


Well, my guess is that it is a combination of things.

First of all, I have some liberal friends that have guns. Ok - they only own 1 to 3 guns each, but any guns counts. So, it is not that all liberals hate all guns.

Second, there seems to be a group think mindset in the liberal world. Insufficient independent thinking for the majority of them to realize on their own that an anti-gun agenda is actually a bad idea. So, for those that just follow their leaders, they by default, become anti-gun.

Third, clearly the liberal politicians make it clear to their audience that they, the liberal politicians, are there to lead and guide them to their utopia, and that the population should just trust them to make the right decisions. (yeah right, good luck with that!)

Fourth, apparently, they believe the government should take care of them generally, much like a parent does for his/her young children. To get this care, they are willing to give up a lot of their rights and follow whatever the government tells them to do. The government then becomes the controller and for them, that means the government is the only righteous gun owner.

So, for them, they seem to expect to be sheep, basically. (This is the opposite of most conservatives - myself included - we prefer to be the rugged individuals that don’t rely on the government any more than absolutely have to (roads, national defense, etc)).


You are right and the schools are forced to teach our kids that the government is there to right all wrongs and fix everything for them . It is a long term goal of the progressive way of thinking that is why you see them in leadership of unions and politics so they can use your money to further their agenda!


I see it as the anti-gun portion of the liberal agenda as solely political. I think, as we’re starting to see more blatantly than ever, the ultimate goal is to make America a socialist nation. And that’s not possible with and armed citizenry. But all their agenda is masked under the “feel good” moniker.
“We care about minority.”
“We care about poverty, women, children (but only if they make it to birth) gays and immigrants.”

But the sole goal is to, by working within the system, get enough votes to change the system and turn it into the socialist system they want.
And by getting control of the people’s emotions and steering their education it’s working.
They’re plan is well thought out and could be successful if we who oppose die off from old age without teaching our youth. My wife and I have three daughters. Only one went to college. She came out the socialist. The other two are very conservative. Go figure.

That’s why I think this Trump inspired meltdown of the left is such a good thing. Fully outed socialists are competing and in some cases winning elections. The rhetoric is more blatant. And that will, I hope, bring out the conservative vote. We are still the majority. And hopefully we won’t need to use our guns for another few generations.

So it’s not Race, Sex, Religon or Guns. It’s always about politics and control. Always has been. Always will be. Freedom is the anomaly and must be fought for and defended.

Whew… (steps off soapbox).


So you expect she’ll only be a. “Virtual Socialist?”

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So I had to look up "Umbrella " school. As I understand it it’s what gives home schooling its accreditation? So as long as you meet certain requirements you can guide the focus of the teaching? I think that’s a great option given the public school pollution.


It is not all schools . When you get away from the big city’s and teachers unions most teach the constitution and history of our country fairly.


And that is our glimmer of hope.


So then what you teach is solely up to you? That’s awesome. I hope you have a bunch of kids.


@Belt-Fed , Sonny vs. Joe-bob tally? :rofl: