Range Extender for wireless system

I have a Huawei LTE CPE B315. with sim card (so I don’t have option for Ethernet). I bought a TP link 300 Mbps so I can extend coverage and use in my garage 15 meters from house, signal was weak (even when plugged in closest socket to garage. I then exchanged it for a TP link AC1200 wifi but not much improvement. What are my best options? Should I just buy 2 or 3 TP link 300’s or??

Please help.

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References https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forum/helproom-1/range-extender-wireless-system-4654907/

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I actually went with a AC3200 version - just more of everything and no issues inclucing being across the street

I have two Ubiquiti Networks Access Points that provide me plenty of coverage on my entire 13 acres that I rome and further into the woods that I hunt, with plenty of large trees in the area and 6 buildings. Whether I’m in the house, basement, barn or my block wall workshop that is well over 100 yards from my main router, I have plenty of signal strength and coverage. I’ve installed them 4 years ago outdoors and never have I had a problem with them.

Latest version of them:

I’ll add, I run everything on them. Smart TVs, multiple PCs, stream movies & stereo music and voice. Our cell phones calls come and go through my WiFi network. At least a dozen different smart WiFi connected systems at any given time simultaneously.

I’m a Network Engineer by trade, BTW…


I live in the rural parts of the country. Like I said, I used just two Ubiquiti WiFi Access Points to amplify our LAN that you can clearly see below.

No matter where I am on my property, I have complete coverage.

Hope this helps you out.

Good luck!


I’m jealous of that property. Looks beautiful. Where is it if you don’t mind my asking?


Thank you! Southern Ohio

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What’s those things run? Got any model numbers I could look up?

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Yeah, the very previous post has the link of the latest model with price included.

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