Range pictures


Thats a sweet indoor set up :+1:


We need a range like that here in Michigan. I would probably shoot a lot more during the winter.


How many yards is that range?


I’ve never shot in an indoor range. Is it different?

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Yes, a lot more stricter, you have to be aware of what you do more. they have a range officer that will get you if you do something not in the rules. Now that said they have to have strict rules, lets face it…there are idiots with guns.

I don’t care for indoor ranges myself, for one is the cost and two I hate being on a time limit.


yeah but those targets sent out and returned with a button are sweet


It’s a 100 yard

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I agree but when we have torrential rains or it’s 95 degrees outside, that indoor air conditioned establishment begins to be appreciated. But that picture is pre out door property shooting…


Make life a little easier


Lol…I enjoy the range, good networking


Me neither but I did take a room clearing/shoot house class last year. It was at an outdoor range but, we were shooting indoors so…that would be…
I don’t know, maybe I have shot(shotten, shotted, shooted?) at an indoor range.


I much prefer the outdoor ranges. Indoors is too loud. Especially when you’re bunched close to another shooter.




My 100% U.S.A. Made AR500 ½” Steel Target Set

I went out behind the house and dug up a 40 plus year old heavy duty ¼” thick steel swing stand that was buried along our creek levy.

Once I got it back to my shop, I cleaned it up by washing all the dirt off with a regular garden hose.

While I was waiting for the sun to dry it off, I got on-line and ordered all the hardware needed to hang the targets I purchased for it.

  • Four pairs of Galvanized Ductile Iron Pipe Beam Swing Hanger s for the chains to connect to using 3”x¼” spring clamps.
  • Fourteen 3”x ¼” spring clamps, leaving me with four spares just in case any of them break by chance.
  • Six pairs of chain sets that are the heaviest-duty type (14”x 5/16”) with bullet proof bolts.
  • Additionally, there are ten hanging hooks that slide over the 1” steel pipe.
  • Finally, ten ½” AR500 targets. Not all of them are of the same size and/or shape at you can see below.
  • The rest of the stuff I had in stock, like spray paint, fasteners and steel pipe.

After I completed all my on-line orders, I went ahead and sprayed an entire can of ‘Citristrip’ on all the swing surface areas, then let it sit overnight.

Then next morning, I washed off most all of the old paint with a high-pressure washer.

Then I grabbed my heavy duty 6 amp 4 ½” ‘Skil’ grinder with 40 grit sandpaper and used it on all swing sections to get rid of the rest of the old paint & whatever pitted rust areas on the steel surface.

After I finished that, I went ahead, and spray painted all sections with Rust-Oleum grey primer paint. I gave each section approximately three coats and let dry completely overnight. The following day I applied three coats of gloss black to finish it up.

There’s a total of 10 AR500 1/2" targets.

The top row, left to right;

  1. 21"W x 14"H Bore
  2. 6" Gong
  3. 10" Gong with 3" bullseye hole & 4" Gong behind it
  4. 27"W x 17"H Coyote
  5. 6" Gong

The bottom row mainly for pistols, left to right;

  1. 3" Gong on 10" Hooks
  2. 3" Gong on 6" Hooks
  3. 12"W x 20"H Slaymaker on 10" Hooks
  4. 3" Gong on 6" Hooks
  5. 3"Gong on 10" Hooks

Broke in the pistol steel just this last Sunday.

The very first time the target set got to be used.

I’d say it held up quite well and the wife truly enjoyed her shoot from 15-20 yards.

Observe the lead remains on the ground in the right photo :sunglasses:

Sometime this week weather permitting, I’ll try to brake out the rifles and give it a whirl.

We’ll see how those bigger targets do :wink:


Nice restoration, turned into a hell of an AWESOME shooting gallery! Great job!! Glad to see you back here as well!!!


Oh thats nice :+1:


@Wildlife, The range is looking awesome👍


Looks like fun.


Turned out great