Reactive splatter targets


I’m running dangerously low on targets, time to reorder. I really like the reactive type targets but they cost quite a bit more than standard paper targets. I think I’ll do what I always do order an equal amount of each. What are the full30

members preference for targets?


I like the shoot n see targets, but you are correct, they’re pricey! That’s why I usually use white paper or Styrofoam plates. I have seen some DIY vids on how to make your own splatter targets cheaply, but sometimes I fall under the lazy bastard category & haven’t tried it yet.


Lone Wolf I’ve been thinking about looking into making my own as well.


I use a variety of targets. Shapes, styles, sizes - all vary.

Not sure which is better to do, but that is what I do.


For what ever the reason, my dad used to buy the white pizza boxes from local pizzeria & cut them to his liking. He did some strange shit sometimes! Lol


Your Dad was being a smart and resourceful guy!

Thanks for the tip. Now, I know a new way to save money on targets!


This, im a cheap lazy bastard too. When I show a new shooter how to shoot I use splatter targets …or pop bottles full of water if im feeling cheap.


Splatter targets are great. Saves a lot of time walking back and forth. It really depends on what kind of shooting you are doing and if you have high power optics or a good spotting scope
I personally use scrap paper and cardboard for precision targets. Either shoot the cold bore and work off of using that impact hole as your POI, use a sharpie, poke holes in it with a screwdriver, or use 3 ring binder/yard sale stickers. The stickers are 99 cents or less and you hundreds of targets.



We use mostly dirty bird or shoot n c. Once we get our country property it’ll be steel mostly.


Cheap targets, by the 100’s on Amazon
A good spotting scope.


Outside I use steel, if I’m shooting for groups I use paper plates. The wax film on the paper plate helps prevent them from tearing. In doors I just use shoot-n-see targets.