Realistic use of shotguns


I learned in the Army that shotguns are always empty.
I learned in 3 gun that you can reload them fast.
I learned clay shooting that you need to understand your pattern.
I keep an 870 with 8 shots and my wife a 500C with 7.
We practice unloading them under stress into targets and loading them under stress.
I can empty and reload VERY fast. If you know the above rules and practice for the usage of the weapon a shotgun is more versatile than almost any weapon system.



Opsol Miniclip I run one on my shockwave, works great.



How many mini shells does the Shockwave hold?






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I can see a lot of uses for the new magazine shot guns. Ease of switch from lethal to non lethal ammo. Switching from spread shot to slug to barrier penetration. Of course in my opinion this is more useful for LEO and Military . Maybe even others I don’t know of. For me it might help in ease of unloading since new laws are now saying its still oaded when carried in a vehicle when it has a mag loaded but not chambered.




Good points.

I guess for me, shotguns are for shooting one to a few shots at a time and calling that good enough. Of course, for police, military, and others, they may have to shoot a lot before they are done, and reloading quickly may be critical. The idea of switching ammo type (from slug to buckshot, for example), could still be done without the mags, but having a mag full of the newly desired ammo would be even better.

Thanks for the wake up call.



I own the 870DM and Its just a range toy. Unless you setup your carrier specifically to hold magazines for it (they are awkward in size) I dont see the value of using it over a tube pump. The magazines have lots of things that will snag and potentially make fast mag changes difficult. The Mossburg 500M has a smoother magazine but its FAT. Again issues with mag pouches and carrier setup.
I can actually carry a LOT more ammo in my carrier for tube loading than I can in magazines on my person.



I have shot thousands of rounds thru my 870 s with tube magazines shooting skeet trap and sporting clays with no malfunctions or need of repair. With propper care and cleaning I look to pass them to my grandkids . When I started out we all viewed the mossberg like we did savages as cheap guns you got when you could not afford better . I have seen mossbergs and winchesters 1200s with cracked parts and clunky feeling actions that never seem to smooth out .



@Jtr This is very true for the most part, of course everyone can name an exception. My trunk gun is a Mossburg 500 that has been nothing but reliable.
I gave it a rattle can paint job years ago to avoid spending any money on finish and it just keeps running.