Reality of hunting after SHTF


For at least awhile, there should be plenty of well marbled chubby bureaucrats available.
But seriously, most of the available critters to hunt will probably be the small ones.
Rodents, squirrels, wabbits, snakes, fish and lastly all those little tasty insects.
Plenty of good protein there.
Don’t forget to become familiar with plants that are natural to your area, too.
Good hunting, all.


If it ever happens I plan to bug in. I live in a low population area with lots of game and cattle so my problem will be to keep people from moving in to the area.


According to Fernando Aguirre, the author of “The Modern Survival Manual,”

rural homes far from everyone are actually the most vulnerable. He claims that during the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001, roving gangs would target remote homes in distant rural areas because they were easy pickings. The homeowners, although armed, were still alone and far from help and outnumbered by equally armed groups of 20 to 30 in a gang. He also wrote how their remote location made it so that there were no neighbors around to help or hear their screams when being beaten to death or raped. He claims the safest places were neighborhoods where neighbors would organize and protect each other from predatory gangs.

As for hunting, I’m wondering if the feral hog population might be an adequate source of meat around here in Texas. But instead of hunting animals, I’m also wondering if it might be easier and more efficient to just lay traps for them. Same goes for laying trot lines and nets across ponds, creeks and rivers.


This is where a small community or team comes in and you could easily set up rapid response patrols use radios or even flares to send out for help . Like a modern day minuteman type deal.
A lonewolf better have booby traps everywhere to deter invaders.


I could feed a small force with all the tree rats around here.
Lots of deer too.

Dogs get Illegal criminal flavor Alpo


I love laughing at all the people with a big loaded backpack who say they could survive long term in the wilds…there will be a lot of free gear laying about in less than 30 days…even a very dedicated and knowing outdoorsman would have a hard time eating on a regular basis if the woods is all he had along with all the starving people in a SHTF situation…


Less than 30 is the key
How many of the would make it a week


No problem hiked the Appalachian trail 3 weeks.

I was 27 and we came down every so often for resupply.
I’m 65 now - ain’t happening.
That’s why this place is a bunker


Survival of the Fittest…It actually means…Those willing to do whatever it takes up to and including Murder, Robbery, Assault, whatever, will be the ones who survive…whatever it takes, and believe me a lot of people will do sick barbaric things to survive when the wife and kids are starving…you can say that you would not do certain things, but you will when the rubber meets the road…or those that will, will walk over the bones…



for sure, you are right. My main point is that people need to plan for whatever can happen, including having to exclude people you know - forcefully, if necessary - from your bunker or property in general.







It would be hard to be hard, since most of us have enjoyed a plentiful and peaceful life so far.
But if things do go bad just remember the definition of trespass:
Anyone who intrudes in your life without an invitation is trespassing, not a whole lot different that a burglar.
Taking liberties with others is not quite a crime, but it’s close.
Especially if they refuse to take NO for an answer.


The definition of crime in a SHTF situation will be in the eye of the beholder and so will the judge, jury, and executioner if necessary. There will be no law.


Lawlessness will abound yes
I’d like to think I’d be merciful to s point
But when it comes to her and these children
I’d do what needs being done every time


That’s the theme of the book I’m reading - “Frontier Justice” by Arthur Bradley.


In a SHTF situation, someone is trespassing on my property, you have to believe they are just as desperate to help their family not starve as I would be. Or they’re just evil. Nobody is coming with good intent, unless it’s a pre-planned visit. Even if they just come up and ask you for a little food. If you have it to give, then they go off and tell others. No. Anybody comes on my property without me knowing ahead of time and inviting them, they are a danger and they will be dealt with accordingly.



I basically agree with you. But, please remind me to call first if you or MQuinn55 ever invite me to your home. I wouldn’t want you to forget that I was coming! LOL


I will still have to live with myself. Lack of government wont change much in terms of morals for me. You do what you have to do as the situation dictates including killing and robbing people but its shouldnt be a first resort. If you become a raider and choose to live without any decency you will most likely get dealt with by someone.


Agreed. I would of course warn people first. Give them the option to turn around. But if they keep coming…


What is the purpose of survival?