Reality of hunting after SHTF


To survive?



I would like to survive but I am not afraid to die. I know that my true home is with God. I would not hesitate to defend me and mine with lethal force but I would not resort to victimizing others just to survive.


That makes sense, each person has to decide their own limits.


Oh man… that comment about the other white meat.
Yep, my dad witnessed that in Africa… during Operation Dragon Rouge.
The current animal population would last maybe 6 months here in the lower 48… unless you consider cats and dogs are part of that equation. (I do)
Once again why a suppressed .22 LR should be part of a SHTF scenario. Hhahahaa small game (up to deer) and I can pack a LOT of ammo…


first place I’m going, the zoo! Going to the bird aviary. I hear spotted owl is delectable! although, I’m starting to have a craving for buffalo-style Flamingo wings…




I can FINALLY hang out THAT shingle; The Road Kill Cafe !

Went back to childhood and probably the most instructive years, for current shooting skills; air rifle in .22.

Man, those Daisy 880s we learned on were cool. These Gamo Stalker series .22s are crazy fun! Little shot signature, crazy accuracy, a tin of pellets is cheap!

In town the turkey flocks have gotten HUGE, but nobody knows how to process them anymore.

Sign on front of our house says “Trespassers will be composted”. Maybe that’s why we got no trick or treaters?


Within weeks all but the high country wildlife will still be alive.
After WWII Europe had to import livestock and pets, there were NONE left.

Just read an account of a town in east Europe where they ate their children.


Yep I’ll only eat mexi when I’m absolutely starving.