Recce rifles ,SPRs, and precision AR15s


Ive considered building a precision oriented AR for a long time but always kind of talked myself out of it. With @full30nick , @switchpod , @RetPara and @SAK67 all showing off their precision ARs ive kind of been influenced to build my Colt 6920 into a precision rig, probably something like the Recce concept.

This would be my base, I will pull the barrel , stock , fcg and swap the buffer set up for something heavier. Thats a 13.7" SLR rifle works quad rail , magpul grip and everything else is stock. Hopefully you guys can help inspire me by posting some pics of your builds/rifles? I will probably be asking a bunch of questions about these types of builds (since I have limited experience with precision set ups) so I thank anyone who contributes in advance for any info provided.

DMR picture thread!

Keep that as is and get a COLT CAR-A3 HBAR ELITE

Then you have two purpose built rifles


And BTW, this is a streamlight WML , I recommend this sh**. It is just about on par with surefire(I own both and have ran both through low light/CQB type classes), they run about $120 and will take a beating.


It has a shitty 16" barrel with a carbine length gas system. The barrel is the same one off the militaries m4s so its only “ok”. Im ripping the barrel out and selling it ,anyways. I kind of want to build it up to a precision rig.


For precision set ups is 1:8 or 1:7 barrel twist preferred? I will probably stick to my blackhills 77 gr. unless I getvinto handloading or if anyone has any better recomendations on ammo selection.


I like 1-8 myself.

SPR is a pretty loose term. But I have a few. Jf89 you have already seen my BCM.

But that is a light weight rifle. SPR generally will be a bull barrel. I can show some pictures of you would like?

No clue what just happened to the text???


Lol yea that would be cool.


Im still on the fence about what set up to go with but a 16" SPR sounds good. I like weight on the front end.


Olympic arms sgw “stop sign” A1 carbine. 5.56x45 16” hbar 1:9 twist match barrel. Spikes dynacomp extreme brake.

Trijicon ACOG 3.5x36 bible verse MATT 5:6.

Chrome plated Smith national match bolt carrier.

Hyper fire 24C trigger.
The rifle is 9 pounds so she does carry some weight.

This rifle has thousands and thousands of rounds through it. The no-go gauge almost closes. The locking lugs are 70% covered by the extension!

When I finally wear out that barrel I have this FN 1:7 hbar to replace it.


How far have you taken it?


Only 100 yards with this one…I think? No real distance. It was my run and gun AR for years and years.


Do you have any long distance 5.56 ARs?


This one is a 1of 1 straight from Olympic arms. I had to beg the rep a year into the build to have it in this configuration.
This is a ML-1 A2 16” free floating hbar barrel SUM .223
It is a blackened stainless steel barrel, Ultra Match “SUM” the chamber is cut to the minimum saami specification with in .001 of minimum spec. This means it is dangerous to run anything but high quality measured .223 Olympic only recommend using 5 ammo manufacturers or the warranty is void.
Very accurate, 7.8 pounds.
And just to show authenticity.


Nice rifle, kind of has an old school vibe to it.


Maybe telling of my age.
That last one was built to be a sleeper at the range. A few bets lost to that old girl.


Old with style is still pretty cool, not all of us can be hipsters. :rofl:


Palmetto A2 build with a 16” 1:8 twist stainless barrel free floated. “I can’t say the barrel is from JP” Geissele ssd-3g trigger. NiBx bolt carrier. KNS match front sight post. Strike industry J-comp brake.


Old school A2 20” super bull barrel from DPMS before it was bought by freedom group. 1:9 twist the barrel is so large in diameter it is compressing the heat shielding under the grip. Rifle is 10 pounds!


What exactly is this?


Flat top heavy barrel carbine.