Recommendations for Glock sights


I recently just finished a P80 and was wondering what sights do you guys prefer? I had a issue with stripping the front sight because it would still move on me. So I would prefer a steel front sight. Anyways, I realize it was my fault over tightening it, but I also feel like it was a cheap sight. Slide also has RMR cut but I wont get a RMR sight for a while so throw out suppressor height sights.


If your going to use a rmr you might as well get suppressor height sites any way
Are you running a threaded barrel as well or is that a future plan.


@Giantspeed Yeah I have threaded barrel. I probably wont get RMR for a few years.


I like the TFO’S. Bright green dots day or night.


Well then get suppressor sights


Three white dots, metal sights. Add a light if you need to shoot at night, if you can’t see your target seeing your sights is pointless.


Night sights suppressor height
Added light and rmr just add weight ( I know you said a rmr in the future )
I neglected to ask if this is EDC pistol or if your going to carry it all
I work on guns all day long so I gloss over those things in the forums


@Giantspeed Priorities ranked in order

  1. Target Practice
  2. Home defense
  3. Possible Open Carry(In a Vehicle)
  4. Hunting Purposes(A sidearm when SHTF)

I really do value your input and while I do appreciate your concern on just getting suppressor height sights. I just can’t see myself getting a RMR or Suppressor for a LONG TIME. By that time I would hope to get my moneys worth out of standard profile sights. I am really liking the trijjicon bright and tough night sights. However I am all ears. By the way I am shooting a G17.


@Sarge4206th A light is definitely in the plans.


@klentz_12 . Sarge’s advice is a good option. One of my Gocks have the factory plastic sights and they work good, for me.( of course, I didn’t strip the threads out on mine :smile:) I have Trijicon HDs on another, front & rear. They work good, too but, for me, the tritium is only useful as a locater on the nightstand.
Try out the sights you have in a darkened room with a flashlight and in low light conditions without a flashlight. That might help you decide if you really need night sights.
Another good option is fiber optics on the front.
My 2 cents


For the money, I like the Meprolight night sights.
I keep a flashlight next to my gun at night as well. I’m too cheap to buy a weapon light and then have to change all my holsters :wink:


The night sights that come on the 19X aren’t terrible in low light, but they aren’t the best. +1 for being able to see your target… priority numero uno.